Gloucester Echo

10:30 - 21 July 2005

Mobile phone giant Hutchison 3G took on the wrong people when it decided to put up a mobile phone mast in Prestbury. For Prestbury doesn't take anything lying down. And if it thinks that the health of its children, let alone that of its adult population, is at risk, it will come out fighting. That's what happened yesterday when more than 300 people in the village turned out to let it be known in no uncertain terms that they do not want a phone mast yards from Prestbury Play Mates playground and St Mary's Infant and Junior School.

They are not stupid. They have researched the evidence both for and against mobile phone masts. And whilst there isn't any evidence that they are definitely harmful, nor is there any proof that they're not.

Omega there is much evidence that mobile phone masts are definitely harmful. See http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_science.html

On that basis, the residents of Prestbury are joining those in Leckhampton and refusing to be bullied into having a mast on their doorstep.

The arguments about mobile phones and their alleged threats to health rumble on. And until there is conclusive evidence one way or another, companies such as Hutchison 3G are going to face one battle after another.

No one in their right mind is going to accept a potentially lethal weapon on the roof next door - and no amount of rental revenue will convince them otherwise.

So the people of Prestbury are right to stick to their guns.

They may all have mobile phones. They may all curse when the reception is lousy. But those are minor irritations in the face of unknown health risks.

The solution is for phone companies to get together with local authorities and find suitable sites in faraway locations.

Let's face it - a phone mast is no more ugly and a lot less intrusive than an electricity pylon. It can't be that hard to find a proper place for them to go.

Until that happens, there's one thing for sure - putting them next to schools and playgroups is a non-starter.


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