1 Million Veterans Poisoned With Radioactive Waste

Mothers don't let your children join the Army, because George Bush has dumped 3.6 Billion grams of Radioactive waste all over Iraq. This is enouth Radioactive Waste to poison more than half of the World's Population. This is more than 500,000 times as much radioactive dust as was spread in Hiroshima in 1945. Less than a gram of this deadly Radioactive Waste will cause cancer and other diseases. Bush, as Commander in Chief, authorized the usage of Millions of Uranium Bullets to be used in Iraq because of their penetrating power. Uranium bullets go right through Steal Plating and Building Walls. These Radioactive bullets, however, burn up because Uranium burns at low temperatures. The Uranium laced with Plutonium then becomes a fine dust which is spread every where.

350,000 or almost 3 out of every 5 soldiers that served in the first Bush Iraq War is now out on DISABILITY because of Gulf War syndrome. During that First Gulf War Only one tenth of the poisonous and deadly radioactive Uranium 238, Uranium 235, Uranium 234 and Plutonium was spread in Iraq as in the Current Bush Iraq War. This Time a Bush has spread 10 times as much destruction. Thanks to George W Bush If you serve in Iraq you will breathe, eat, drink and absorb through your skin radioactive waste. And Courtesy of George Bush In the next 14 years 3 out of 5 of you will have cancers and other disabilites that will plague you for the rest of your lives. Check it out today do a computer search for Gulf War Syndrome and another computer search for Depleted Uranium and then try a search for Bush Poisoned 1 Million Veterans With Radioactive Waste.

Howard Scott Pearlman

* Please Pass This On To Your Friends Who Have Family Members In The Military

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