Microwave irradiation of the public by stealth

Alasdair Philips (Powerwatch) says:

Re: the Microconnect news story.

I don't know who (? Liverpool Council?) said: "It said the transmitters emit between 1,000 and one million times less radiation than a mobile phone." But it is a load of crap.

It is EXTREMELY difficult to find any technical details about BT's Microconnect system. However I tracked this down after they installed some in Chester earlier this year:

The MDA transmitters apparently start at 2 W and run up to 7W fully servicing several Operators.

A mobile phone, 900MHz band, puts out 2W/8 = 0.25W max and typically operates a hundred times lower than this. Say 0.007W A mobile phone, 1800MHz band, runs at half this power (0.0125W) but usually has to operate higher because the signals attenuate more easily. So, again, let's say 0.007W typically.

So we have the MDA base station starting at 8 times MORE powerful than a mobile phone (or 28 times if operating at 7W), to 1000 times MORE powerful that a typical phone call. Also, their antenna gain is at least 5 times, so for EIRP multiply the figures by another 5. It would be good to find out where all that 1000 to 1,000,000 times less radiation than a mobile phone crap came from. Poor show from the BBC News reporting such rubbish figures without checking. I won't be at the meeting on Tuesday because the AP Group chose a day that is a Plenary meeting of the Govt SAGE Group on controlling low-frequency EMF exposure for members of the general public. Many key EMF/health people, including me, will be at the SAGE meeting instead.

It is a shame, but the date for the plenary SAGE meeting was set over six moths ago and so nothing could be done about it now. It is a pity that the AP group didn't check with the Dept Health as George Hooker and Hilary Walker, the two top DH EMF people, are both on SAGE and will be at the SAGE meeting. They are also the two key people at the DH responsible for advice on microwave irradiation of the public and so would have been the obvious people for the AP group to contact.

It seems the Tuesday meeting is mainly for MPs and the general public

This Liverpool council and the BBC News disinformation needs to be made public. It would be great if you can make a fuss about it on Tuesday. It is irradiation by stealth. The trouble is, 7W, with some gain in the MDA antenna, can result in stronger signals in nearby bedrooms that a large rooftop mast would give. And there will be 1000s more for any given area just to get the required coverage.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005 10:59 PM
Subject: Re: [Mast Network] This is getting the big sell!

Does anyone know if there is any information on these 'boosters'? Any studies? If anyone knows a website link, please let me know. These have been mentioned quite a lot in Bromley recently but we need to know more. Many thanks.

Angie Shields (ORAM)

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Saturday, July 16, 2005 8:29 AM Subject:
[Mast Network] This is getting the big sell!

Source: Liverpool City Council Published Friday, 15 July, 2005 - 11:27

A pioneering new project by Liverpool City Council is ringing the changes - and it's set to eradicate the need for large mobile phone masts.

Proposals are being developed to install tiny, hi-tech mobile phone antennae throughout Liverpool. The 15cm structures will sit on existing street furniture, such as lamp posts, CCTV cameras and road signs.

The new antennae are far less unsightly than large mobile phone masts, and are environmentally friendly. Each mini-antenna, which has the capacity to be used by several mobile phone companies at the same time, emits between 1,000 and a million times less radiation than a mobile phone.

The council's Executive Member for Customer and Corporate Services, Councillor Dave Antrobus, said: "This is a groundbreaking solution to the increasing number of mobile phone masts in Liverpool. Unlike current masts, which are obtrusive and unsightly, these antennae are small, compact and discreet.

"Many people have concerns over the health and safety issues surrounding mobile phone masts, and this project will help tackle this, by providing more environmentally-friendly alternatives which emit a tiny fraction of the radiation of large masts.

"And with up to five mobile operators sharing a single antenna, we are hoping there will be a significant reduction in applications for individual phone masts. Ultimately, this hi-tech project could lead to many existing masts becoming redundant, and some being removed altogether. It's a great idea."

The number of mobile phone users in the UK has grown from five million in 1995, to 55 million by 2004. As a result, there has been a huge increase in demand for mobile phone masts.

The influx of new masts throughout the UK is often unpopular with residents. Members of the public regularly object to new masts being erected in their neighbourhood on possible health and safety grounds.

The new project would solve the problems involved in erecting large mobile phone masts in communities, offering a forward-thinking, environmentally-friendly alternative.

Chair of the council's planning committee, Councillor Lady Doreen Jones, said: "Applications for mobile phone masts cause more difficulty than most other types of planning applications. There are often objections from residents, but there are very limited grounds on which the council can judge these applications

"Government guidance means our decisions must be based purely on visual amenity and design, and not on grounds of possible health and safety implications, which means applications for new masts can cause great controversy in communities.

"Hopefully, this new project will provide us with a solution to these problems, and help reduce conflict with local residents."

The city council is working with BT on the 'microconnect distributed antennas' project.

The proposals will go before the city council's executive board for approval on Friday 22 July 2005.


For further information, please contact Damian Richards-Clarke on 0151 225 2464 or 07736 216434


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