The Brain As A Target Organ For Radioactive Material

Does radioactive material load naturally in the brain or does Nature filter it to less vital, central organs such as the kidney, liver, or bones?

Are devices, especially micro- and/or nano-chips being used containing automated routines to direct or route radioactive particles via the bloodstream to sensitive brain tissue?

This is not only of concern to targets, as Bush has released 450 tons of depleted uranium on Iraq and Yugoslavia; the by-products can be expected to be tracked around the world.

Visit http://www.bringthembackhome.org
and http://melbourne.indymedia.org/print.php?id=81185 for an excellent review of depleted uranium effects, including brain-targetting, which some sites omit. For an extraordinary animated presentation see http://www.bushflash.com/pl_lo.html .

The effects of depleted uranium in the Gulf War Syndrome and other effects of military applications have been show to have severe neurotoxic impact. This includes weakening of the blood-brain barrier (Nature's protection to the brain against toxins), damage to the brain and central nervous system, loss of cognitive ability and mental acuity, and more.

According to Dr. Helen Caldicott, in a private communication to the present writer in 1979(seized by Swedish police with my pre-dissertation research on radiation), there was an increased incidence of psychosis in areas not at ground zero after the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Although conventional warfare causes PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), the incidence of psychosis is not noted.This shows this is a biological effect of the radioactivity released by the bombs, probably due to loading of the nuclear substances in the brain tissue itself.

In my opinion, the loading of radioactivity in brain tissue requires at least 2 factors:

1) the presence of radioactive material in the bloodstream. This can occur either by a)ingestion in food or meds b) cross-contamination to mouth from fingers or other means c) transfer to the bloodstream from a dose in the air to the mouth, gullet, and gastrointestinal system, whereby it is absorbed into the bloodstream, or routed into the bloodstream from another internal organ via the use of directed energy (externally or internally).

2) Transfer to the brain via fields of directed energy moving the radioactive particles specifically to certain brain areas or neurons. Radioactive material is also used to trace thought and identify neurons activated (thus suffused with radioactive blood) by a particular thought. Once identified with a radioactive marker, these neurons can be subjected to increased bombardment.

This suggests that these neurons can be damaged selectively. However, the directed energy will penetrate all cells in its path (usually a vector or torque). This must result in broader brain damage, although maximal damage (and carcinogenesis and tumorogenesis, which can result not only in death but surgical implanting of the brain)would be expected at the point or points loaded with the neurotoxic radioactive material. The destructive energy from an isotope with a long half-life will continue to be emitted for years and years, often beyond the lfietime of the individual targetted. (This need not be an isotope with a half-life as long as that of depleted uranium; this is a question of overkill. ANY AMOUNT OF RADIOACTIVITY WILL INCREASE RISK.) Internally, without exchange to air or an open system, it acts under pressure to damage sensitive tissue.

Clare Louise Therese Wehrle


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