Letter on 3G & Global Warming

From Jenny - here's my letter to the Andover Advertiser our local paper. With huge thanks to Andy for all the facts and figures!

As global warming is at the top of the world political agenda, it is disturbing to learn how much hypocrisy exists within the Government, where saving our planet is concerned. The Government / Telecom Alliance is deliberately hiding the environmental dangers of the latest 3G mobile phone technology. The £23 billions paid in licence fees and the further billions in revenue, pay for a lot of sins and a lot of cover ups. Human life and fragile resources are worth little by comparison.

Industry sources say that 3G will place a significant additional burden on the national electricity supply. Running 24 hours a day all year round, the huge energy and climate burden of this technology is being ignored. Furthermore, Industry calculations are that the whole system requires 2.4 times the non-renewable energy per customer than the existing 2G network. More 3G masts are needed as their coverage is less than 2G. The Government’s requirement of 80% coverage of 3G throughout the country, means that tens of thousands more masts will be necessary for each of the five operators. That’s a mast coming near you shortly! The numbers speak for themselves, even taking into account mast sharing. The Telecommunications Industry, however powerful, cannot be allowed to be so profligate with precious, dwindling resources.

Mast Sanity believes a moratorium on 3G is urgently needed if we are to pull back from the environmental and health disaster that threatens us all.

Everyone is painfully aware of the controversy surrounding the latest round of the mast roll-out - the increasing numbers of people obliged to live near them, the increasing numbers who complain of adverse health effects, the devaluation of property, the absurd absence of any democracy in their siting, the irrelevance of safety guidelines and the misinformation on base-station research.

Now we have it reliably that the power requirements of 3G is a serious supply issue, especially so in the current “energy-crisis” context. It is appalling that efforts to combat global warming are being cancelled out by this money driven product promotion.

This Government must be challenged over its iniquitous Telecommunication planning guidance which is causing irreversible damage to our society and to the planet itself.

Sir George Young has joined MP’s across the UK, in recognizing that there is universal controversy on policies that take no consideration of the human and environmental impact. If we want to protect our children, our health and the value of our homes, we should all refuse to buy 3G phones – they are an anti-social luxury, not a necessity. Videoing Big Brother is NOT more important than people’s health or saving our planet.



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