Hundreds oppose mobile firm's plan

By Mark Andrews The Chronicle West Midlands
Jul 15, 2005, 08:15

Plans to build a mobile phone mast next to a Stourbridge old people's home and near two schools in the town have sparked outrage from people living in the area.

Around 250 people have now signed a petition opposing the plans by mobile phone giant Orange to build a 39ft mast on the corner of Grange Road and Prescott Road in Pedmore.

Tony Lloyd, who lives directly opposite the site in Wollescote Road, said he was amazed the site was even being considered.

He said the mast was just 74ft from the nearest house, and was right next to an old people's home.

"The people living in the home are really worried, many of them are in their 80s and 90s," said Mr Lloyd.

"I have been to see the warden at the home, and they really feel strongly about it."

Mr Lloyd said the governors of Ham Dingle Primary School and The Grange School, both within a mile of the site were also concerned.

He said there were many children in the area, and parents were worried about the possible effects on health.

"It is surrounded on four sides by residential property," said Mr Lloyd.

"I can understand why they need to put it in, but I can't see why they couldn't have come up with a better site than this.

"If it was a small residential area surrounded by greenery I could understand, but there are so many homes around here."

Mr Lloyd said no explanation had been given as to why a nearby industrial site could not have been used instead.


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