Open letter to Edmund Stoiber, Prime Minister, Germany

Dr Edmund Stoiber
State Chancelry
PO Box 220011
80535 Munich

Urgent suspicions of serious health damage from pulsed high frequency electromagnetic fields (mobile phone base stations, DECT phones, W-LAN, Bluetooth etc.) at levels below exposure guidelines.

Dear Prime Minister,

Allow me to represent many doctors personally to you.

For eight months doctors in Oberfranken and another places have been making extremely worrying observations of patients, who live in the vicinity of mobile phone base stations. After initial suspicions at locations in Forchheim, Hirschaid, Walsdorf, Memmelsdorf and Bamberg survey measurements were made of 356 such residents in 40 locations, all in Oberfranken. Meanwhile 64 Hofer doctors, 30 Lichtenfelser, 61 Coburger, 20 from Bayreuth and countrywide, added their names to the Bamberger appeal.

The result all these medical findings is as follows.

Many people have become ill with a characteristic combination of symptoms, which is new to us as doctors, at exposure levels far below the guideline limits, which apply only to thermal effects. Residents in the vicinity of masts have one or more of the following symptoms:

Sleep disturbance, tiredness, headache, restlessness, lethargy, irritability, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, trouble finding words, depressive tendency, noises in the ears, impaired hearing, dizziness, nosebleeds, visual disturbances, frequent infections, sinusitis, joint and muscle pains, feeling deaf, palpitations, increased blood pressure, hormone disturbances, gaining weight, hair loss, nocturnal sweating, nausea.

The following statements strengthened our suspicions:

* Frequently, many residents become sick with these symptoms at the same time, when living near a base station
(e.g. Schweinfurt: Eselshöhe, in Kulmbach: Senioren-Wohnanlage Mainpark, in Hof: Kösseinestraße, in Forchheim: Ortsteil Burk).
* Many patients have reported rapid recovery when removed from exposure (by temporary relocation, removal of the source, screening, disconnection).
* After relocation, doctors have proven during re-examination of the patients, among other things, that blood pressure, heart rhythm, hormone disturbances, visual disturbances, neurological symptoms, and blood profile have returned to normal.
* Many doctors’ families have in the course of the last months removed their DECT phones and were thereafter free among other things from headache, concentration disturbances, dizziness, restlessness, tinnitus, and sleep disturbance.

We therefore requested the responsible authorities (Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Conservation and Nuclear Safety, members of the Radiation Protection Commission and the WHO) to organise local health surveys. Despite the serious, medical concern, all the authorities have refused to investigate the (to some degree) intolerable living conditions of those living locally.

Not one official health survey has been made at any base station in Germany! The SSK and the BfS have thus no level of knowledge concerning the long-term effects on resident living in the vicinity. From a medical viewpoint is this unacceptable.

I therefore turn to you to request your assistance for our patients who have no other recourse. We doctors from Oberfranken are ready to help. We urge you to immediately arrange local health surveys among people in the vicinity of base stations, at locations in Bavaria. Our concern is not that there are 'unfortunate individual cases', but that there is a medical disaster spreading to all parts of the population! To investigate our concerns, it must also be possible to switch transmitters off. From a medical viewpoint, we are seeing an emergency situation, which requires rapid action by all political means.

I implore you to take action to avoid health damage among many children, young people and adults.


Dr. Cornelia Waldmann Selsam
96049 Bamberg
Tel: 0951-12300 Fax:0951-2972506
Mail: peter.selsam @t online.de




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