Why do mobile users speak so loud?

A friend of mine is a long term conspiracy researcher (does anyone know of Tim Rifats research - foremost microwave researcher in Europe) and has read stuff about people speaking abnormally loud on mobiles because of the effects on the brain.

Rifat quoted studies at London xoo (sorry last letter of the alphabet is out on my comp) in the 1950s which measured the brain frequencies of dominant and submissive chimps so these could be replicated in human beings for political manipulation. He believes the frequencies used by mobiles are deliberately chosen to produce states of apathy and aggression in the populace and can even be used to give simple commands. During the 80s inner city areas were bathed in ELF radiation to produce general apathy in the population.

Maybe this is why we're seeing so many violent and disturbed children now?



Dear Gary.

We are not just seeing violent and disturbed children, but also violent disturbed adults, and these adults are supposed to be bringing the new generation, the children up, and teaching them how to behave so that there is a place for ALL of us.

I have never heard of Tim Rifats, but his logic is a simple logic.

There has ALWAYS been a rule, where the parents were the Older, and they had an obligation to teach their children how to behave in a society where we all had to exist.

This has now been removed.

The children have stopped being a cherished future generation, who would inherit the earth, and instead they are now a non-cherished
liability for parents too busy with their own lives and carriers to be bothered with their offspring (sorry, I have just spent a time looking at the TV and I feel angry.

New born baby’s ar totally ignorant.

It Is What YOU Teach Them in the first years, and keep up that is going to make them good human beings.

And to stop ranting, Yes, I am sure it is true that EMF does such damage to both children and their parents, that I am not sure this will ever be possible to put right again.

I know what their pollution did to us, and we are absolutely very grown up (60+62), so what about our grandchildren?

Easy, they were cut off from visiting Nan and Grandpa, until they had found somewhere else to live.

I and I am sure a lot of us have noticed that, the heavyweight radiation gets put up by schools and nurseries. WHY?

Quote: They Do Not Target Children! Now do they? Even Disney is joining, as a babysitting device!

Omega see "Cell Phones and Children: Disney targets kids for mobile phone service" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/821682/

And yes, I think you are right.

It is a conspiracy, there is a lot of cash that has changed hands to some people, but us the consumers, citizens, voters do not want it for any price (sorry, some do, if the mast is by My house, and not theirs).

Come to think of it: Where did all these Billions go to? Pet-project Iraq maybe? (remember to ask Mr. Brown, who is at the till).


Agnes .




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