End Old-Growth Woodchip Market in Tasmania and the World

From: http://Forests.org Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2005 1:05 PM Subject: FORESTS ALERT: End Old-Growth Woodchip Market in Tasmania and the World


End Old-Growth Woodchip Market in Tasmania and the World

By Forests.org, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc. July 9, 2005

TAKE ACTION Tell Nippon Paper Group to Stop Buying Old-Growth Comment Form: http://www.np-g.com/e/csr/ideology/materials_form.html
Background: http://www.np-g.com/e/news/news05061701.html

Japanese company Nippon Paper Group is following the lead of a key rival by reviewing its policy for purchasing woodchips from old growth forests. Nippon is the latest customer of Tasmanian exporter Gunns Ltd to consider new policies after Mitsubishi Paper Mill moved to reject woodchips derived from Tasmania, Australia's old growth and high-conservation value forests late last month. The Earth's forest conservation movement has a unique opportunity to follow up upon our recent victory in Tasmania - taking the next step to transition the paper industry to a No Old-Growth stance. Nippon is carrying out a public consultation on their raw materials policy which would provide the opportunity it needs to follow the lead of Mitsubishi and dump Tasmanian old growth woodchips. Comments are being taken only through a form on their web site, where they ask for the "Main Point" and "Reason or Background" in regard to their raw materials procurement policy. Below are suggestions for the basic message we should be trying to communicate, which you can copy and paste, but please add your own language if possible.

Provide comments before July 19th on Behalf of Tasmanian Old-Growth at: http://www.np-g.com/e/csr/ideology/materials_form.html

Main Point: I am very upset that Nippon is still buying woodchips sourced from the old growth forests of Tasmania. Nippon should immediately stop buying woodchips sourced from all old growth and other high conservation value forests. To keep up with your competitor Mitsubishi, you must adopt a no old-growth forests use policy.

Reason or Background A broad global consensus has emerged that industrial logging of old-growth, and other endangered forests, is antiquated and no longer acceptable. Ancient forests are required to maintain local as well as global ecological sustainability. Industrial development of Tasmanian and other endangered forests irrevocably diminishes them. To protect the Earth and all her life, the world's remaining old-growth must be protected from commercial scale development. World Heritage-class Tasmanian and other old-growth forests should not be fodder for woodchips. Businesses that fail to heed this message will feel the pain of market rejection.

More alerts at http://forests.org/action/

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Informant: Scott Munson


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