12:30 - 09 July 2005

Residents are in uproar over a site for a proposed mobile phone mast - on a grass verge.

Vodafone is consulting with the public as it tries to find a suitable site in Humberston's North Sea Lane for a base station to provide 3G coverage for mobile users. It will then decide whether or not to make a formal planning submission to North East Lincolnshire Council.

A grass verge at the junction of Carrington Drive and North Sea Lane has been earmarked for the 8m-high telegraph-style pole, with three antennae at the top.

But a petition has been signed by more than 100 people and posted to Mono, the consultants for Vodafone.

Father-of-four Michael Swift (47) has lived on North Sea Lane for five years, just metres away from the site.

He said: "The Government still hasn't done all the research into the effects of mobile phone masts.

"I would have safety concerns for my children and grandchild. It's also an eyesore and would lower the value of properties."

Vodafone says an existing tree there "will provide some screening of the installation from the residential properties to the south." and states in letters to nearby residents it "will not look out of character" with the rest of the telegraph poles and street lamps lining North Sea Lane .

Miles Davis (32) is another who lives within 20m of the proposed mast site. He has written letters of objection to the consultants and the council's planning department.

"It's rather silly of them to put it so close to the houses when the health effects are unproved and it's an unsolved issue," he said.

Omega the health effects are proved. See under:

"The tree will not prevent it being clearly visible."

His mother Wynette (67) added: "I couldn't believe it when we got the letter. Nobody round here wants it to happen."

Patricia Barrs prepared the petition to record her own and many others' dismay.

"It's not been proven conclusively that they aren't harmful and that tree is hardly going to hide a mast."

North Sea Lane resident Chris Kershaw (35) fears for the effects it could have on his five and seven year old sons.

"It's not been proven either way that what is emitted from masts is harmful," he said.

Omega the harmful health effects are beeing conclusively proved. See under: http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_science.html

And neighbour Miriam Dawson added: "This is a rural area and it would ruin the ambience - it would be more than an eyesore."


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