How Information Is Regulated To Fulfill Secret Agendas

Here are some "slight-of-hand" methods which can be used to regulate information for a secret agenda:

Laws that allow the forced removal of a criminal website or entity. We are led to believe that these laws are there to protect us from "money laundering", "drug trafficking", "porn", "gambling", "terrorism", "scam", "spam" and others. These are the stated reasons why the site or entity must be removed. And these are the reasons they put on the newspaper headlines when you get arrested. However, the real reasons may be something else entirely. Wouldn't it be a lot easier to create filter software for our browsers? Why all the trouble for these special new laws? The reason is obvious. Anyone in this country could be arrested, convicted, and sent to prison for just about anything, including terrorism, and regardless of who they are or what they've done. The court system may consist of honest people (not saying it does), and still be a dishonest system. We'll now cover the "why."

The question is, will these laws be used for good or for bad? (let's define good as "in the best interests of the people", and bad as "in the best interests of the oppressor".) Why ask this question? Because all the new laws in the last several years (and especially since 9/11) all have dual-purpose mechanisms. Of great interest are the "deniable secondary purposes" to these laws. As we put together all the lines of function they create (like a jigsaw puzzle), we see something form which is too comprehensive in its obvious purpose to be there from mere happenstance.

The forced removal of URL references and websites anywhere in cyberspace by stealth software which already has remote access to your computer. We see this frequently, during repeated onslaughts of large numbers of computer viruses (put there as cover for what is really happening): My computer and two of my friends' had all URL references and bookmarks to a special website forcefully removed by a stealth trojan or worm, which we have not yet identified. My guess is the same references were forcefully removed from nearly all computers on the Internet during the same period of time. The website created by the World Trade Center structural engineer was removed from the Internet, and all references to it in our personal computers were also removed during this time. None of us can find any of our e-mails or bookmarks with this URL in it - neither the inbox nor the outbox contain these specific e-mails - they were destroyed maliciously by a moderately advanced to advanced stealth monitoring program. This encryption article explains how easy this is to do. It doesn't have to be advanced, but I suspect it was since we could not identify it. The NIMDA or Badtrans viruses may have been involved in its "infiltration phase". Then once installed those viruses can be deleted without disrupting outside control over the data in your computer.

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