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I am really concerned about Elizabeth House, Leicester, and the people who are living there, one of whom called the advice line. It is 25 floors high with multi masts on the roof (one with 12 antennae) and two TETRA masts nearby. There is a new application in for an 02 6 antenna 3G. When Phil Hendy rang me he was almost out of time to put in objection letters and he has no phone or computer. I wrote an objection letter and posted it to him so he could get support for it from other residents.

He suffers from the sleep disruption and many other things, but fights on. He collected 100 signatures from the 150 residents for the planning objection letter, but I have learnt that the objection letter I wrote is not enough. I have gone to David and Chris Maile to find some way to make new representation, but Phil is too ill now to collect more signatures. I have written to ask if this last objection point can be included with the 100 signatures, but do not know if it will be allowed.

So I thought if I could get others to send it in on their behalf we might swing it.

I would be grateful if some of you could send in something based on, or the exact copy of what I have posted below and send it to stuart.winter@leicester.gov.uk .

I know this is not the norm, but this block of flats is not the norm, nor is planning the norm anymore, and there are lots of sick people here. I would be very grateful as the local rag diluted it all in the PR sent to them by Mast Sanity.


Here is the planning wording.

Ref: Planning Application No. 20051122 02 (UK) Ltd 6 antennae pole and cabinets on the roof of Elizabeth House, London Road, Leicester LE2 0QP

I would like this application refused on the grounds of intensity of use in a residential area; the adverse effect to the amenity of the locality; and possibly on the grounds of conflict of policy.

Elizabeth House lies alongside Victoria Park, which is a protected conservation area. Two of the existing masts are already visible to passers-by, residents of the block, and from Victoria Park. They are described by some people as an eyesore.

To add more masts would create further clutter and ugliness to the visual aspect of this predominant block of flats, and therefore to the neighbourhood, part of which is a conservation area.

Even if the proposed 02 masts are mounted at the rear of the building, some of them will still be very visible from Victoria Park, breaking the natural eye-line of Elizabeth House, the sky line, and the panoramic view.

Any extension or increase in the clutter on the roof will have a dramatic effect upon the skyline, and both the medium and long term view of the building takes away from the amenity of, and the general well-being of, residents in the area and visitors to Victoria Park.

Whilst a single, or even two installations might be acceptable to any given location, the increase to a third or fourth, or more, can effectively be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

PPG8 para 14 makes it clear that visual intrusion is an important question in the siting of masts, and para 20 states "Authorities will need to consider the cumulative impact upon the environment of additional antennas sharing a mast or masts sharing a site"

A clear policy of a need, whilst on the one hand to reduce the number of sites, but on the other that it is not a question of forever piling on the installation after installation, but that some cumulative effect will be a legitimate ground for a refusal of an application.

The general thrust of PPG8 is that of finding the best environmental solution on a case by case basis, therefore in this particular case there is strong evidence to suggest that further installations would be inappropriate due to the considerable negative impact on the amenity of the area and in the general well-being of residents in the area and visitors to Victoria Park. It is abundantly clear that the existence of any additional masts on this building will cause considerable long term stress and anxiety amongst the residents and in so doing will have a significant and unacceptable effect on the amenity.


Dear Gill,

Chris Maile was alive, well, and teasing me the last time I saw him a few weeks ago, although I think he had been ill previously, so did you get confused with Phil Hendy? Phil Hendy lives in Elizabeth House, Leicester, and although unwell himself, still campaigns as much as he is able to. He appears to be the only one still determined to try to do something.

Thank you for sending the letter to Leicester City Council, the residents and I appreciate it very much. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of Cherry on Melatonin and the Coleshill School symtoms please. I may soon have Nalia translated into English if anyone wants a copy.

I am really sorry to hear about your village, Gill. I didn't realise. I have been skimming through a lot of stuff because I have been so busy, so did I miss it before?

I am just unravelling another cluster case on a club, similar to Leeds that we did earlier in the year. I really feel determined to expose all this sickness because it gives me heartache and I get coldly angry about the injustice of it all. If your village needs exposure I will try for you. Just email me SandraLwr@aol.com



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