Tetra mast fighters wary of O2

Falmouth Packet 06.07.05

Anxious residents of Mawnan and Constantine were due to have their fears over Tetra masts answered last night at a public drop-in centre.

Telecommunications company O2, which is responsible for the Tetra mast currently sited at Treworval Farm near Mawnan, held the clinic at Constantine in an attempt to allay fears over the police radio mast.

When announcing the meeting, Peter Sitch, from O2, said: "It's for people to come in and talk on a one-to-one basis. There are many people who are obviously confused by some of the more bizarre suggestions."

One of the main causes for concern by residents is the perceived health risk from the waves that are produced by the masts.

O2 is currently appealing against an enforcement notice by Kerrier district council planning committee, following their decision to refuse retrospective planning permission for the mast in March.

In the past Mr Sitch has described the council as "arrogant" and has said that they could be facing a very large bill.

"We're fully confident that we'll win on this appeal and that we'll also be awarded costs. We always cite costs and we always enforce costs," he said when the enforcement notice was served.

However, some residents believe that the meeting was only held so that the company could prove they consulted the public.

Mawnan resident Richard Smith said: "You could be forgiven for thinking this is a little bit too late. This behaviour is impertinent."

The enforcement notice is currently suspended until the outcome of the inquiry, although this could take up to a year.


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