Greenpeace: Follow the Rainbow

Hello, I'm Peter Willcox.

I was the captain of the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior when French agents bombed and sank the ship in New Zealand in 1985, killing a member of my crew.

On July 10th, both the ship and I will be back in New Zealand, and I'm asking for your help in continuing our peaceful mission.


Some of you know this story. Some of you weren't even born at the time. The long and short of it is: they tried to stop our campaign against nuclear weapons testing.

They didn't stop us.

They made us stronger.

The Rainbow Warrior became an icon for a worldwide movement of supporters like you, and together we stopped nuclear testing by France and by the other nations that were running detonating nuclear weapons tests. Our motto at the time was "You can't sink a Rainbow" and we proved that by rebuilding our ship and returning to the test site in even greater numbers. Over the years we'd been boarded, beaten, rammed, and bombed, in our efforts to end nuclear testing. One of us, Fernando Pereira, was killed.

It takes persistance, patience, and a thick skin to change the world.

And the world today is changed, but while we achieved the goal of stopping nuclear weapons testing, we are all still living under the threat of nuclear weapons. The urgent task for us now is to abolish them.

We've set up a website commemorating the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior and recalling her mission to work for peace and nuclear disarmament.

Visit the site here:

If you remember the bombing, you can post a recollection here:

If you were too young to remember the bombing or not born yet, tell us how a new younger breed of activist would carry on the work of abolishing nuclear weapons here: http://www.greenpeace.org/i-say-peace

Thanks for your help in keeping the Rainbow Warrior sailing, a living reminder to our adversaries that while you can send a boat to the bottom of the ocean, you can't sink a rainbow.


Captain Pete


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