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Never mind all that folderol about Iraq's burgeoning insurgency: those bombs going off everywhere, the kidnappings, and the complete inability of the U.S.-installed Iraqi government to keep order in the streets of their own capital city -- 'The war is over,' says Karl Zinsmeister, 'and we won!" Does that mean we can bring our troops home now? ... So we're 'winning,' are we, if not already victorious? Then how come we can't even secure the road connecting the airport to Baghdad? The anonymous blogger known as 'Billmon' has a great take on the 'Truth Tour.' He points out that if the insurgents are smart, they'll be just as accommodating as the U.S. military in keeping the radio-rightists out of harm's way. The wing-nuts, after all, are an enormous asset to the jihadis, who want to radically alienate Iraqis from the secular West ...


from AntiWar.Com, by Justin Raimondo

When fools reign


"It has been estimated that in the years from Augustus Caesar until the fall of Rome more than 1,000,000 people were killed in the gladiatorial shows. There is no accounting for the total number of murdered, since the gladiatorial events were always preceded by a pre-game show where hundreds, if not thousands, of unarmed men, women and children were torn asunder by wild beasts, for the sole purpose of whipping the gathered crowd into frenzy of bloody lust. Probably the salient point to President Bush's recent pestiferous panegyrizing debacle is the silence and lack of applause of those troops who were present. Maybe, just maybe, we have some who are not enamored with being the sacrificial lambs of a maniacal administration...


from LewRockwell.Com, by Tim Case

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