Phone mast is a 'gamble with our lives'

This group used the same tactics as we did in our local campaign. At proposal stage we collected 800+ petition and everyone said they would not use 3G phones. Campaigners should add this box to their petitions as it gives operators the info they don't want to hear - people don't want this new technology with the higher risks involved.


Phone mast is a 'gamble with our lives'

Jun 30 2005

Berkshire News website

By Richard Crowe

BRACKNELL campaigners say their health and the look of the neighbourhood will suffer if a 9.7m mobile phone mast is built near their homes.

Phone company T-Mobile wants to place the 3G mast and equipment cabins on land near Harvest Ride's junction with Newell Green in Warfield.

But angry neighbours say the mast is too close to their homes and that there is inconclusive proof that radiation beaming to a surrounding 250 metre radius will not be dangerous to their health.

Omega: The result of the Naila-Study shows that the proportion of newly developing cancer cases was significantly higher among those patients who had lived during the past ten years at a distance of up to 400 metres from the cellular transmitter site, which bas been in operation since 1993, compared to those patients living further away, and that the patients fell ill on average 8 years earlier.

They are also concerned about the effect on nearby Larks Hill Nature Reserve and dangers the equipment cabins could have for drivers turning out of Newell Green and Harvest Ride.

Daryl Peagram, who lives with wife Edwina in nearby Hemmyng Corner, has founded Warfield Householders Against Masts (WHAM), which has collected 87 signatures for a petition.

The 34-year-old, who is technical director of Winkfield-based recruitment consultants Delta Compliance Ltd, has lobbied Bracknell MP Andrew MacKay and Warfield and Binfield ward borough councillors. He is even considering disabling the signal if all else fails.

Mr Peagram said: "Obviously the best way to stop this mast is to write to the councillors and urge them to reject it.

"But if it does go up and get switched on, I would wait until there is proof from doctors' reports that the mast is affecting health before trying to disable its signal with specialist equip-ment."

He added: "Forty-seven scientific reports say mast radiation causes anything from cancer to infertility. I hope the council will not gamble with our lives that all those scientists are wrong."

Mr Peagram said only one person questioned for the petition needed a 3G signal.

Borough council planners may consider the application at a committee meeting on July 28.

Mr MacKay has written to borough environment and leisure director Vincent Paliczka objecting to the application.

The MP commented: "I share the concerns of local residents who have approached me that this is quite an inappropriate site for a telecommunications mast.

"I believe that the mobile phone operators should get their act together and share masts where there is a limited number of sites to place them."

T-Mobile spokeswoman Sophia Parviez said radiowaves from nearby base stations compared favourably to exposure from distant masts and from TV and FM radio and other transmitters.

She said the company understood the challenge of minimising the environmental impact.


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