'The Late Edition': Complaints to the BBC

I am disgusted to report that the BBC has tricked Ingrid Dickenson, Scientific Director of Mast Sanity into giving an interview that was later used in a comedy programme.

Mast Sanity and Ingrid were given assurances that the interview was going to be used seriously. Instead the interview and Acousticom demonstration was edited and the subject of side effects from mobile phone use was mocked.

Mast Sanity will make an official complaint to the BBC. The programme was the Late Edition broadcast BBC2 at 11:50pm last night.

Yesterday Mast Sanity representatives met with the Dept. of Trade and Industry, and there was a debate in the House of Commons this week. Yet the BBC chooses to treat the whole subject as a joke. They would not do this with smoking or a train crash.

If you saw this disgusting programme or wish to make the BBC know that there is real suffering of people because of living near masts or mobile phone use please e-mail:


or write to

BBC Information
PO Box 1922
Glasgow G2 3WT.

Best wishes,

Yasmin Skelt




We, victims of mobile phone radiation, are appalled and puffed up with which ignorance you handle our essential health problems by making look silly one of our representatives, Mrs. Ingrid Dickenson, Scientific Director of Mast Sanity. This is scandalous! We expect an immediate public apology to Mrs. Dickenson and us mast victims and a counterstatement in your programme.

Klaus and Gabi



I didn't see it but have just emailed my complaint to the BBC.

John Elliott


So did I, with an insistent request for a public appology for Ingrid, Mast Sanity, and the people of the UK who suffer around masts. Also sent them the 'Voice of the People of the UK' letter.

Omega 'Voice of the People of the UK' letter see under:




I saw it too thought it was appalling. Made a long telephone complaint and strongly sugg that they should aplogise publicly to Ingrid.



Ingrid has asked me to out the original email request she received for this interview and the emails she has sent following the programme. So read from the bottom up.


Dear Alasdair

As discussed, I did not get the whole interview on tape. But I discussed mainly the radiation levels from masts and their health implications for the best of three hours including the German research and Freiburger Appeal.

I specifically talked about mobile phone signals in the context of the com meter only because I don't register any mast emissions on my ground floor where the interview was filmed. So when I talked about signals from mobiles I only referred to the readings at the time. My further comments about me wishing to be wrong where regarding the research about health effects NOT the meter readings. Although I explained the safety levels, this was not shown. I just was shown saying that the meter would indicate the levels in the home. Although I referred to mast emissions, at the time of the reading I obviously talked about phone emissions because this was all I could measure. The editing was done in a way which made people think that the meter would only measure the presence of mobiles in the near vacinity - obvious material for a joke! None of the serious discussions between me and their `Scientist' were shown. After my demonstration of the meters the clip finished and the Interviewer asked Robin Inz, the producer of the programme:

"Well I think she propably was wrong (that's referring to my out of context shown remark about wishing to be wrong about the health effects). So that's a mercy anyway. ( hysterical laughter on the show!)

What Robin in god's name was that box?

Robin: It was basically science in a box. That's how it works (hysterical laughter again) - using electromagnetic force and transistors.

Interwiewer: " And you can buy one of those in Wollies or something like that?

Robin: Well there are two different way in detecting where mobile phones are. You can use that box or you can go (pointing and making a funny face) "He's using one!" It's quite..( whilst waving his arms in the air and making a funny face followed by hysterical laughter again)

Interviewer: Ya, a more old fashioned system but nonetheless a reliable means of knowing where they are. Well Robin while you're still able to be with us and not taken by some dreadful disease, thank you very much for your fascinating insight - Robin Inz! (laughter and clapping)

Subject: Re: BBC interview request

I have seen the `edited' version of my interview on tonight's `The Late Edition' and I am disgusted about the way the BBC used me. You have edited the interview in a way which made me look rediculous and made a mockery of the whole subject. A lot of people who suffer the `real effects' of pulsed microwave radiation will be outraged about the way you made fun of their suffering. What does that say for the BBC?

I had `absolute repeated assurances' prior to the interview that this subject would be treated seriously and I feel utterly betrayed by the BBC. I did NOT agree to take part in a comedy!

I have asked MastSanity to make an official complaint as this interview was conducted under false pretences. I must insist that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should this `edited' version of my interview be repeated. I never thought that the BBC could sink that low as to make false promises!

Ingrid Dickenson


If you receive this I just want to add that I too am completely outraged by this extremely unethical and abusive behaviour by the BBC.

Best Wishes
Gary Kemp


Same here!

Don't the Press Complaints Authority deal with this type of thing? The fact that there was deception on a grand scale involved here must surely be grounds for action by a regulator.

The fact that OFCOM are regulators of the BBC now says is all - they're as unaccountable as the operators!


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