The Problem With Veterans

Vets Are Expensive
(And Well Trained)

War Veterans of the 20th and 21st century have always been a problem to the industrialist elite financier types who create, and profit from modern warfare. The problem is actually twofold.

First, survivors of warfare are usually hardened troops, well trained, and possessing a certain degree of discipline for the rest of their lives. Veterans are capable of organizing because they have been trained to do that. In some instances veterans not only DO organize among themselves, but also effect great change and wield a good little bit of power within government itself. Overall this is not an optimum situation for the people who wish to have everything their own way, and easily. People who violently resent any inclination otherwise.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the veterans of 20th and 21st century American wars have usually been promised, contingent upon survival, of course, some sort of payment, care, or benefit(s) as reward for service to their country, which is really service to the few rich and conniving families who run the country, now with the help of other rich families around the world. And these families are all Really REALLY rich. Many generations rich. The currency mongers. Believe me, you do not understand how wealthy these people are. You are not allowed to understand things like that. That is not your place. Know your place. Examples of these ultra rich families reneging on their promises are rife. They did not get as rich as they are by being generous. No. They got that way by being better predators, but thats a story for another day.

Suffice it to say that one must pursue with fervor sometimes what is necessary to survive within the ever shrinking bubble which veteran care has become. So we finally get to the real problem, and the real problem is this: Veterans are Expensive, especially in great numbers possessing various and sundry deformities-contagions-and-God-only-knows-what-other kinds of damages.

What to do? What to Do?? About these problematic veterans?

How about this: we stage wars like sports events, country bands at half time, and Nugent if they get really surly later on...then we deploy and test alllllll kinds of biotech and radiation technology which we need to test anyway, then we also use uranium powders in the bombs so that a great degree of radioactive dust becomes airborn always, forever and ever, then we keep the troops over there for 5-8 years, because 1-2 years did not work the first time around -- we know this and thats why we had to destroy the gulf war one medical records by having the mind control subject Mcveigh take the fall for the cataclysm at Oklahoma City.

What? You did not realize thats where most of the gulf war one medical records were stored? Well bust my buttons and shut my mouth I am sure sorry to be the one to burden you with that but I guess its time for you to wake up and smell the pork barrel eh?

The way to handle the veteran problem is SIMPLE!! Make it so they will not live long enough after a war to collect of even become a problem! Make them disposable! WHAT A CONCEPT! If the veteran goes away, the veteran problem goes away. See The Movie BEYOND TREASON. //www.beyondtreason.com

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