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PLACARD-waving protesters took to the street to show their anger against plans for a second mobile phone mast in their Chester community.

Residents in Newhall Road, Upton, are angered by the plans to build an O2 mast at the junction of Newhall Road and Handford Road.
The worried residents are concerned about the potential health effects of the base station, as they are officially called, and believe a new mast would be another eyesore.

If built, it would be the second one in the area. Hutchinson 3G has already built one, despite opposition from more than 300 residents.
One of the residents angered by the plans is Sylvia Molloy, 68, who lives on Newhall Road. She was at the forefront of the protest against the 3G mast and now plans to campaign against the new proposals. “No-one wanted the first in this area, let alone another,” she said. “The first mast is a blot on the landscape and I believe this new one will damage my view further. If they built another, we would have two big masts in this area. “On top of that, there are the health risks. I am very concerned about it. There will be children walking past this mast all the time.” And because the mast is under 15 metres high, the plans will not go to a full committee meeting. Instead it will be decided by planning officials.

Upton parish councillor Pete Griffiths said: “It seems bad that it will not go to full planning committee. What are councillors for? This will probably be decided by people do not know where Upton is. “We have too many masts in Upton as it is. We do not need another one. Why can’t they put it somewhere in Chester that does not have so many.”

Andrew Kelleher, a spokesman for O2, said: “This mast is designed to look like street furniture so it will not look particularly bad. “O2 recognise the public’s concerns over health effects and we would like to say we work with experts and regulators and also we work within stringent guidelines. “But we need to put a mast in there to improve reception in a high demand area.”


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