FURY has erupted over plans by a mobile phone company to build a mast at Paisley's biggest and best-known park.

T-Mobile wants to put up the mast with three antennae on Glasgow Road, next to the fence of Barshaw Park.

But Sandra Miller, 47, a resident of nearby Alton Road, is horrified at the prospect of the mast being erected so close to the park and houses, claiming it would mean a loss of amenity and pose a health hazard from radiation.

She said: "To put this mast up right beside a place where children are playing is just ridiculous.

"I'd say it would also be less than 20 metres from my house, which is far too close.

"It would be unsightly and it would be a health hazard.

"I also think it would affect road safety because drivers would be distracted by it."

Mrs Miller has now written a two-page letter to Renfrewshire Council objecting to T-Mobile's plans and outlining her concerns.

In a 'Neighbour Notice" issued to residents, T-Mobile says it wants to erect a 11.7-metre "slimline streetworks monopole", supporting three antennae, and with a "shroud" covering.

This is the type of disguised mast that's similar in looks to a lamppost, and is intended to blend in with existing street furniture.

David Moore, 32, who also lives in the area added: "This is a disgrace. It should not be put up close to a public park."

Local councillor Brian Lawson said: "Irrespective of what it looks like, I still don't think it is an appropriate place to put it.

"It would not be ideal to have this outside your front door."

T-Mobile's application will now go before Renfrewshire Council's planning committee for consideration in the near future.

A spokesman for the mobile phone company said: "T-Mobile understands that there can be concerns within local communities when locating base stations, however with over 60 million mobile phone in the UK there is a need to develop our network to provide quality service to our customers.

"Base stations are low-powered radio transmitters, and it is important to recognise that the radio frequency signal from them represents just one source of radio frequency in everyday lives.

"Other sources in the environment include paging devices and emergency services communication systems.

"The radio waves from nearby base stations are favourably comparable to exposure from distant masts and from TV and FM radio and other transmitters.

"Based on over 40 years of research, T-Mobile is confident that its base stations - operating within strict national and international guidelines recognised by the World Health Organisation - do not present a health risk to any member of the public."

Omega this is not true. See under:
http://omega.twoday.net/topics/Wissenschaft+zu+Mobilfunk/ and

The spokesman added: "As people are increasingly using their mobile phones in their homes, this means that we need to position base stations in or closer to residential areas.

"As you will appreciate, the options available to us in such areas are very restricted."


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