Cell phones damage organic tissue

Are you aware of this research?


WARNING on supposed Finland 3G study

Could you please distribute this to make sure Mast Sanity does not quote it. It may be a trap to discredit!



To All

The below message, and link, came in this morning and will probably be doing the rounds on Internet as further evidence that cell phones and 3G in particular, are a health hazard.

However the whole paper, supposedly "published" in Nov. of 2002, looks +VERY+ suspect to me for quite a few reasons. Note in the photo how the phone is placed and the test tissue still has a supermarket shrink rap and scanner price sticker attached! It looks more like a joke! From the looks of their test chamber their conclusions seem a bit over rated. I'm thinking this whole thing is either someone's idea of a joke or an after-hours school science project conducted in a tree house. It looks like they essentially just made a crude home-built microwave oven.

Have a look but pleeeease don't quote it as science!

Don Maisch



I looked at this study, but it is rubbish as it stands: all they did was to show a temperature rise when a 3G phone is left on inside an aluminium lined box, and reported no biological effects at all.

Roger Coghill
MA (Cantab) C Biol MI Biol MA (Environ Mgt)
Coghill Research Laboratories


Could be fake, check


May 27, 2005

The research paper about the 3G mobile phones at


is fake. I have explained to him that it is not funny to make a joke like this. It may even be damaging to people suffering from electrohypersensitivity c.q. microwave sickness. He does not understand. Here are his data:

Topi Mäenpää
Information Processing Lab
Dept. of Electrical and Information Engineering
University of Oulu, Finland
phone ++358 40 7747749
phone ++358 8 5532796
email topiolli@ee.oulu.fi


From Don Maisch - I really hope Dr Tech uses his mobile 6 hours a day ...

Best Yasmin Skelt

'A very Finnish sense of humour'

As for the that Finnish paper on 3G (last message) it turns out to be a Uni prank. The person who earlier sent it to me has since spoken with Topi Menp the "author" (alias Dr. Tech) at Oulu University.

Dr. Tech has left his photo at
//www.ee.oulu.fi/~topiolli/images/virne.jpg which illustrates who has the last laugh on this one!

Topi's details are at: //www.ee.oulu.fi/~topiolli/index.php?section=personal

Don Maisch


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