America Seeks Bold Progressive Leadership

According to a new poll just completed by the Democracy Corps with the Campaign for America's Future, the American people feel overwhelmingly that in the Washington of Bush, Frist and DeLay, the right wing that is in control is out of control. [1] Poll results highlight that the right wing is peddling an agenda that the American people just aren't buying. Mugged by reality, Americans are alarmed by the current course and are looking for bold progressive solutions to real problems.

The poll results completely counter the President and right wing's post-election claim of a "mandate" to impose their radical agenda on the American people. In fact, the three signature policies of the so-called conservative revolution -- the war in Iraq, Social Security privatization and economic prosperity through tax cuts for the wealthy -- were all rejected by a majority of Americans.

- 56% oppose Bush's Social Security privatization scheme.

- 57% feel that the Iraq war has not been worth the cost of U.S. lives and dollars.

- 62% feel that our economy is not good for middle and working class people.

Get the complete poll results here:


Beyond merely opposing the right wing's agenda, this poll shows that Americans strongly embrace progressive solutions for the future, and want an active government to work to solve the problems facing our country.

- 83% support a national commitment to energy independence -- such as that outlined by our very own Apollo Initiative -- with investments in alternative energy and energy efficiency.

- 86% agree that the government should "guarantee that every child receives the basics" in education -- a healthy start, good nutrition, quality preschool, small classes and well trained teachers.

- 76% support guaranteeing health care to all through a program similar to Medicare.

- 76% want action to end tax breaks to companies that move jobs abroad and to provide incentives for those who create jobs here and allow unions to organize.

This poll shows that the American people are hungry for bold, progressive leadership. A majority of Americans (55%) would rather see Congressional Democrats stand strong against President Bush and the Republicans to prevent them from pushing their agenda too far -- than work in a bipartisan way to help pass the President's radical agenda. The message to the Democratic and progressive leadership in Congress is clear: Don't cower before the Republicans -- stand up, speak out and fight for progressive values!

In less than one week, over 1000 progressive Americans will gather in Washington, DC at our Take Back America 2005 conference. The failure of the right and the remarkable public rejection of the policies -- and increasingly the philosophy -- of Bush, Frist and DeLay opens the door for a progressive challenge. At Take Back America 2005, progressive leaders thinkers and activists will come together to highlight the new ideas that progressives are putting forth to challenge the right and forge a new progressive majority.

We hope that you'll be able to join us in Washington next week, and we look forward to continuing our work together to build the emerging progressive majority, and take our country back.

All the best,

Robert L. Borosage, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future

P.S. You can get more information about our Take Back America 2005 conference -- including our latest agenda here:


P.P.S. Please spread the word about our latest poll results and Take Back America 2005. Forward this email to friends. Discuss it on your favorite blog. Let's make sure that more people know about America's emerging progressive majority and add themselves to our growing ranks.


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