Dr. Tewolde has a Canadian visa! Long Live grassroots globalisation!

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Dr. Tewolde's latest letter to all his friends and supporters.

Dear Friends,

This is 24 May, late in the afternoon. I have just received my visa to enter Canada. Therefore, I will join most of you in Montreal. If all travel arrangements work out, I will arrive in Montreal on the evening of 26 May. I should then join you for the last day of Liability and Redress. I hope to arrive when the shape of our future international regime on liability and redress is becoming visible to you all. I will then join in and help my best to make it more visible.

Hopefully in one or two meetings after this, we will have it firmly established among us to save us from irresponsibility in genetic engineering.

Thank you all for your tremendous support. Multilateralism was getting another knock from the State level, but the grass roots multilateralism in which you have all been a joint force has won.

May be we should keep grass roots multilateralism to keep State arrogance in check. Give it more thought. I will also give it more thought. I may come back to you on the issue.

Long live grass roots globalization!

Your very grateful friend,

Tewolde Berhan Gebre Gziabher



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