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Published 22 of May of the 2005 06:36

Hours art of war Cancer, leukemia, lies, ENDESA and antennas of mobile telephony Santi Benítez Is impossible to imagine these times that run without electrical energy or mobile telephony. But also it is necessary to consider that from principles of the 90 comes discussing the electrical risks that suppose for the health the layings, transforming, towers and the antennas of mobile telephony. As much it is so the World-wide Organization of Health (the WHO) has had to take part making studies, often slanted and made difficult by the interests created around as lucrative businesses as the electrical provision or the mobile telephony. One of the things that have surprised me more when doing this article is the little information that the citizen has on which they can suppose to close have electrical layings or antennas of mobile telephony. In principle, the radio frequency (RF) and the influence of electromagnetic fields (CEM) produce a heating of the human body, get to even raise the corporal temperature in a degree Celsius. As much as others they get to penetrate through the skin until a centimeter. When putting me in contact with ENDESA and the people in charge of the positioning of antennas of mobile telephony they have sent me studies that do not agree with the emitted ones by the WHO, which say very textually: ' the evidences to the date are concerning Leukemia in children. In a 2001 work group conformed by expert scientists of the Agency the International of Investigation of the Cancer of the WHO-iarc reviewed studies related to the carcinogenicidad of the electric fields and magnetic of LF. Using the standard classification of the IARC that weighs the human evidences, in animals and the evidences of laboratory, the Magnetic fields of LF were classified like possible carcinogen in humans based on studies epidemiologists of Leukemia in children ', or this: ' studies published in the year 2000 informed into which if all the studies were combined in which the magnetic field could be measured or be considered, a statistically significant association between infantile leukemia could be found and the average of electromagnetic fields.' If this is certain, and will not be I who I take the opposite to the WHO, how they allow the authorities that are outdoors placed electrical antennas or layings without no type of brake? I do not know it. What yes I know is that, to put an example, Telephone Moving bodies use the question ' You want to collaborate with Telephone Moving bodies in the introduction of the Society of the Information' like reclamation in addition to the necessity of mobile telephony for the communal property. One calculates that a person who puts an antenna of mobile telephony in her roof can gain about 7,200 euros annual. Little price seems me for the health of our children and ours. Safer forms of positioning of antennas of mobile telephony and electrical layings exist, but they suppose an investment on the part of the companies. Quite high investment if we consider that has existed a significant increase of the consumption but that the infrastructures are obsolete and there are no appearances of which they improve. Nevertheless, there is no way to understand that obsolete and dangerous technology for the health of the citizens is being used when we see that, to put an example, ENDESA it has gained 1,253 million net euros in Spain, to which there would be to add the benefits of Latin America, 270 million euros, a 221'4% more than year 2003. And Movistar Spain obtained income by operations of 3,586.9 million euros. The society of the information is necessary, but the benefits of the companies do not have to put in danger the health of the citizens. The political authorities are not either that they are of much aid. In the municipality of Santa Brígida, in the island of Great Canary, a polideportivo exists that counts on a total of 6 antennas of mobile telephony where most of the users are young. It is in a zone in which in a section of 300 meters a total of 25 patients of cancer exists. And the worse thing of everything is than these antennas are to less than 30 meters of the institute of the municipality. The rent of the space for these antennas receives the City council. Incredible. The protests of the neighbors does not seem that they are serving as much. From here my spirit for Maria Arms of the Platform Positive Energy in its fight. If you are in agreement with the positioning of an antenna of mobile telephony near your address are not demands to see the corresponding license, no almost has it. And it does not doubt in demanding the city council of the municipality that the electrical layings outdoors fulfill the norm as far as health and security.


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