URGENT: Stop the GOP's "Nuclear Option" today!

On Tuesday, Republican Senator Bill Frist, answering the call of the most extreme right-wing elements in America, is poised to pull the "nuclear trigger" on one the most fundamental principles of our cherished democracy: the filibuster, the right of the minority to make its voice heard on the floor of the United States Senate.

Frist's allies call it the nuclear trigger because they know there will be fallout in the Senate. We Democrats will not take it lying down. But the real fallout will be on the American people as they suffer generations of judges who will assail and outlaw their rights, attempting to weaken the federal government to such an extent that even Social Security and the minimum wage could be ruled unconstitutional, let alone environmental protections, civil rights, and human rights.

I am working overtime, night and day, to stop this power grab. So are my Democratic colleagues. And now, in the final hours before Senator Frist attempts to eliminate our right to filibuster -- violating the Senate's own rules and more than 200 years of precedent in the process -- we urgently need your help.

Call George Allen, Bill Frist, John McCain, and Chuck Hagel now -- 4 Republican Senators who are considering running for President in 2008 -- and tell them to uphold 200+ years of American values -- checks and balances and the right of the minority to be heard!

The Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. And they won't rest until they get the Judiciary too.

Imagine -- they have gotten 208 of Bush's judges through the Senate, and Democrats have only stopped ten. That's a 95% success rate, but still they aren't satisfied!

Please take a moment to read the statement I recently delivered on the Senate floor regarding this "nuclear option" as well as a detailed analysis of the decisions and writings of one the key judicial nominees in all of this, Janice Rogers Brown. You can find it on my new PAC for a Change website at BarbaraBoxer.com.

Then, after reading my statement, please call Senators Allen, Frist, McCain, and Hagel and tell them to uphold 200+ years of American values. Anyone who supports the "nuclear option" does not deserve to be President, since they clearly don't understand our Constitutional system of checks and balances.

Finally, after you've made your phone calls, please forward this email to everyone you know, and invite your friends to contact these Senators as well. Make sure they understand what we are dealing with here and why the American people must get more involved in politics. I know it is popular in some places to slam the door on that idea, but you and I know we must not.

Thank you for caring and for sticking with me. Please contact these Senators today, before Tuesday's vote on the "nuclear option!"

Best Always,

Barbara Boxer


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