Obtain the detailed election data that is needed to reveal patterns that indicate vote embezzlement

US Count Votes has posted a suggested letter that can be modified according to your own state freedom of information act, to obtain the detailed election data that is needed to reveal patterns that indicate vote embezzlement.


Both the letter plus links to your state's freedom of information act are available on the above web page. Please use them to compose your own letter to the election offices in your state to obtain the electronic data that is needed to ensure that the correctly elected candidates are sworn into office in Jan. 07.

USCV's suggested letter was written by a volunteer lawyer who successfully obtained the data in his state and thus revealed that the 2/3rds of votes cast on paper ballots in his state had completely different vote count patterns than the pattern of votes cast on paperless DRE electronic ballot voting machines! Vote count embezzlement was strongly suggested on the DRE voting machines, and his work is being used to obtain paper records of ballots in his state.

USCV has organized mail lists for volunteer attorneys in each state who would like to have a discussion list to email each other, or who are willing to be available to answer legal questions that may arise in respect to a particular state's freedom of information act. If there are any lawyers who would be willing to be added to our list for any particular state or to our nationwide email list for attorneys, please email me.





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