Senator Edward M. Kennedy: The framers of our Constitution did not want the Senate to be a rubber stamp for any President's agenda

Their Real Target

People wonder why Senate GOP leaders are willing to go to these extremes over these last few nominees, the bottom of the barrel of President Bush's picks for the federal courts.

I'll tell you why: they want to change the rules for judicial nominations now, while they think no one is paying attention, because they know what will be next: a Supreme Court vacancy.

They expect retirements to open up one or more seats on the Supreme Court soon -- and with this permanent rule change in place, there will be no way to stop them from packing it with more conservative ideologues.

We have to protect the Supreme Court. That means we have to stop this Republican attack now:


Senate Republicans, Senator Frist, President Bush and the Republican Party believe they have absolute power to dump our two-century old system of checks and balances and make our independent judiciary toe their conservative line.

But the framers of our Constitution did not want the Senate to be a rubber stamp for any President's agenda. They feared the tyranny of the majority, and designed the Senate to protect the country from it. For over 200 years the Senate has been the key safeguard against that tyranny -- and today the Republicans would throw it all away.

Their drastic and destructive path has only one aim -- the Supreme Court, and they're willing to sacrifice the Senate's inalienable Constitutional role to get their way.

Join me in telling Senator Frist to stop this despicable court-packing scheme -- tell him to stop it now:


We need to speak the truth about where this fight is headed. By speaking out now we can spread the word about what is at stake -- preserving our priceless system of checks and balances and the fundamental principle of an independent judiciary.

Please take this important action now. Our success depends on it.

Thank you,

Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Informant: Martin Greenhut


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