We must stop him this time

May 14, 2005

Let us celebrate two MAJOR victories! Let them inspire you to continue the calls, vigils, petitions and letters, as we can't let up now.

1. Despite dire expectations that Pablo Paredes would suffer the next 8 months in jail like his friend Camilo Mejia (the first Conscientious Objector to be tried), Pablo is free from imprisonment. We are delighted to report that his " victory is an incredible boon to the anti-war movement ," as attested by Jeremy Warren, Pablo's lawyer. Thank you for your support -- especially CODEPINK San Diego, who stood by Pablo's side this week. Let's use this momentum to continue supporting each soldier's right of conscience by signing our petition.

For more on Pablo's trial and his statement of conscience, go to: http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=05/05/13/1437208 .

2. Our double victory includes Bolton's delayed confirmation. In a series of surprising events, the republicans were forced to send his vote to the senate as a no recommendation. Just as word of this news reached us, we also heard from our beloved Barbara Boxer, who had dug into her bag of tricks and put a HOLD vote on this issue, with a request for more information, which the State Department is still sitting on.

Thanks to her, we have won a few more days to press forward with our campaign against Bolton. We THANK Barbara Boxer yet again for being a true representative of the people and for standing up to the bullies in the White House and Congress. We ask everyone, especially her Californian constituents, to call Barbara Boxer to THANK HER, and to support her in BLOCKING THE VOTE!

While Barbara continues this fight in the Senate, there is much more you can do:

* Please use this precious time to contact your Senators and demand that they vote NO when the hold is removed: http://ga4.org/campaign/bolton/3kiseu245jen57?

* Then send an email to the White House, urging President Bush to send us a new common-sense UN nominee ( http://ga4.org/campaign/new_nominee/3kiseu245jen57? ) who can receive bi-partisan support in the Senate -- and across America.

* Plus, don't forget to invite your friends and family to email their Senators ( http://ga4.org/campaign/bolton/forward/3kiseu245jen57? ), and tell them to email President Bush as well ( http://ga4.org/campaign/new_nominee/forward/3kiseu245jen57? ).

Each call and email WILL make a difference. We must stop him this time! Bolton's failed nomination could very well be the cog that stops this out of control administration.

With hopeful hearts,
Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae, and Tiffany


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