Constant Use of Mobiles for sometimes trivial Purposes is pushing up the Demand for more and more Base Stations

Dear Philip, I should like to see the list of yours and Nancy's symptoms please. There are often minor variations in what people suffer.

I met a couple recently who live near three masts. Husband and wife have both developed lumps/tumours? on the back of their heads during last three years; wife has severe vertigo, husban and daughter insomnia in spades and daughter extreme thirst. Both adults are having difficulty doing their jobs and have had a great deal of time off work - he said it was all he could do to bother getting in touch with me, after the council gave him my addres as 'a lady who has been instrumental in preventing a mast from being erected'. That was news to me!

Although I did know that orange 'needed' to put at least one other mast in our village, so perhaps that is what I have prevented.

Someone living at the top of the village was complaining that he could get no signal for his Orange phone.

I must ask him what possessed him to get one, when he knows all about the symptoms suffered near the mast. He obviously does not believe that they victims are really suffering!

Gill Lyden


Gill's comment regarding the chap complaining of no Orange signal is highlighting the problem we have. When the phone companies claim the need for base stations because of "demand" that is exactly what they are referring to. No phones - no demand!

I have recently had contact with a local resident who has enlisted my help in objecting to a T Mobile base station (another to add to the 20 + base stations we already have in and around the village!). She rang me from home and when the quality of the reception fell - she explained that she was on her mobile phone because "I get my calls free".

So that is what is happening around the country (and around the world) - people are expecting to use their mobile phones, even when there is a landline handy (she took another call on her landline while we were speaking) - but do not want to live by a base station. These people must be made to understand that constant use of mobiles for sometimes trivial purposes is pushing up the demand for more and more base stations - especially 3G - AND THE PROFITS FOR THE MOBILE OPERATORS!!


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