Four M-Class Flares in Last Two Days

May 13th 2005


Well it appears NASA and Dr. Hathaway may need to re-think their formula as it pertains to solar cycles. This weeks activities would certainly get in the way of the notion of a calming Sun. In fact, today’s sunspot count reached 110, not far below NASA’s predicted “maximum” of 150.

Stop Everything - This just in…

As I’m writing this article, a new M-Class flare just fired off. It appears a large CME has followed and may be Earth directed. The M-Class flare appears to have measured a M8, this is just a few points from being an X-Class flare. Evidently there is something out there that is charging the Sun. In fact, this is the premise of my second book coming out next spring (working title) “Cosmic Rain”, which is the next sequence of my research following my current book due to be out before Christmas titled “Solar Rain”.

“Cosmic Rain” takes us one step further than “Solar Rain” which identifies the Sun-Earth Connection. In “Cosmic Rain”, we look at what causes the solar cycles themselves. Here is a sneak preview….It appears the conductor of solar cycles, is two fold. First, there is the currently known ‘pole reversals’ which happen every (approx) 11 years, but then there is a second more pronounced cause to extended solar cycles with I call “Mega Cycles”. This is in part, is caused by “cosmic gamma ray burst, as well as other less known charged energy fields. And yes, my hypothesis suggest the! re is a “rhythm” to such gamma ray burst (GRB). It is not just from pulsars or imploding stars. There is much more to this story.

Take a look at the magnetic flux. It suggest quite the storm could be heading our way.

Magnetic Flux: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/rt_plots/elec_3d.html

Here is a snap shot of the M8-Class flare fired off just moments ago.

GOES X-Ray Flux: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/rt_plots/xray_5mBL.html

Here the Kp Index show the geomagnetic storm already hitting the Earth’s magnetic field from the first series of M-Class flares.
Kp Index: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/rt_plots/kp_3d.html

What does this all mean? First off, it means the theory of our being on the down hill slope to a solar “minimum” appears to have some serious flaws to this premise. It also means we may have some pretty nasty weather coming our way in the next 48 to 72 hours. Watch for extreme temperature shifts, sudden hail storms, straight-line winds, micro-burst, and wind shears. Also watch for the possibility for sudden tornadoes.


Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (Mitch Battros)


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