Info on 1960s US Offensive BW Program

Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 00:40:20 -0500
The Sunshine Project
Information Pointer - 7 May 2005

A provocative collection of front matter of reports from the US offensive biological weapons program of the 1960s has been placed online by The Memory Hole. The materials were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act several years ago; but have only been made available to the public now.

The papers include the title pages and tables of contents of many 1960s US Air Force reports on topics including the design of biological (and chemical) spray tanks and bombs. The front matter refers to a wide variety of activities that, to the Sunshine Project's knowledge, have never been publicly discussed before, such as "Operation Strange Man", mid-1960s binary biological weapons efforts, and late 1960s work on incapacitating biochemical weapons ... to name a few.

To download the materials, follow this link:
The materials are divided into two PDF files. Scroll down to access the second file, covering the period February 1964 - February 1967.

The Memory Hole is a US-based Freedom of Information-oriented website best known for obtaining and posting the first publicly-available photos of the return of the remains of US soldiers killed in Iraq.

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