Mast protesters stage soccer ground clash

Here is one we helped to get rid of! I only heard today that the council refused permission after careful consideration i.e. two press releases from Mast Sanity and several blunt letters to the council and landlord! More to do here though as they have 7 masts and one TETRA up and running!


Yorshire Evening Post (Leeds)

Mast protesters stage soccer ground clash

By Bruce Smith

A CROWD of amateur soccer fans was confronted by demonstrators protesting over plans for a new mast for police mobile phones at a Leeds football club.

When Yorkshire Amateur FC played the final match of the season against Carlton FC at their Bracken Edge ground at Leeds, demonstrators backed by the national campaign group, Mast Sanity, turned out in force to protest at the plan for the 25-metre high Tetra mast.

Waving banners and shouting: "No More Masts," the demonstrators received a mixed response, including beeps of support from drivers, said local residents spokeswoman Jill Harland.

Residents believe the mast, which if approved would have nine antennae, could be a threat to the health of residents and in particular children. The mast is to be installed by Airwave 02 to provide the new police service communications system.

Mast Sanity claims it is being left to ordinary people, like the residents of Bracken Edge and the Roxholmes in Chapel Allerton, to protect their communities as best they can from masts. It has urged the Government to act on the Stewart Report, which highlighted the vulnerability of children to emissions from masts. Before the protest a spokeswoman, said: "If Yorkshire Amateur CFC want to build up support they'd be well advised to listen to what the community is telling them and refuse this Tetra mast."

"We want the football club to stop playing games with our health," said Ms Harland. "The score is already in the opposition's favour, but there comes a time when health is more important than wealth."

If approved, the new Tetra mast will be the ninth such installation locally. "There is mounting evidence of ill health among communities living near masts," says Mast Sanity health and safety adviser Yasmin Skelt. "We need urgent action to control the number of masts."

Residents claim the backing of the Labour parliamentary candidate for the Leeds North East seat, Fabian Hamilton. Other candidates are: Jonathan Brown for the Lib Dems, Celia Foote for the Alliance for Green Socialism, and Matthew Lobley for the Conservatives.


03 May 2005



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