The Instrument of Global Control - What Chemtrails Really Are

There are two plans that Tesla had for providing energy. One for production and one for wireless distribution of energy. I will give a cursory explanation of each as I understand them. Tesla's plan for wireless energy was based on pumping AC current into the atmosphere polarized so that the return path of the current was through the air rather than through the ground. The way it was supposed to work was that the hot end of an electrical system in a building say, would be connected to the earth and the cold end would be connected to some sort of antenna which would drain the current off into the air thus making a complete circuit.

What is really interesting about Tesla's work though was some of the work he did Colorado on power generation. The basic premise was this: that the earth and the ionosphere were like the plates of a giant capacitor with the air in between acting as the dialectric. His theory was that if you could use a bolt of electricity to bore up through the air to the ionosphere then the current from the ionosphere would flow back to the earth because of its lower voltage potential (the ionosphere has a voltage potential of around 250 kilovolts and the earth has a voltage potential of a few thousand at most). Once the hole was made in the atmosphere current would continue to flow until it was interrupted or the potential voltages became equalized. It has been recently observed that lightning in fact does this. The ionosphere is constantly recharged by the solar wind so the supply of electricity would be virtually unlimited. Apparently he was successful, but his financier at the time (it was either Morgan or Westinghouse) was outraged because he thought there would be no way to meter and sell it, so he sent some goons to the lab and they destroyed it. Wireless electricity would actually be just as easy to meter as wired, all you would have to do is put a meter on the return antenna. (It would however be a small matter to build one's own unmetered return antenna...)

On your second point about the spraying of biological and toxic agents, there were several fairly well documented incedents in the 60's where the CIA did "experimental" releases. One was from a ship off the west coast near San Francisco where they released bacterial aerosol from a ship basically to see if it could be done. I believe that 11 people died and hundreds became ill IIRC. I'll see if I can find some links.... There were also incedents in New York and Florida and people died there as well. The bacterial agent they used was not super lethal and not particularly contagious. Thet were just "testing" you see...



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