Forestalled Climate Change Solutions

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I met Mr Burger at one of my Money Matters Workshops last week in Calgary. A very fascinating man, with a very significant understanding of Global Warming. He's very well respected in the his field, and thought you'd enjoy the read.


From: "Martin Burger" ceo@bluenergy.com
Subject: Forestalled Climate Change Solutions
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 19:29:57 -0600

After fourteen years of in our efforts to advance stranded solutions to a major problem facing humanity it just boggles the mind to see media so readily granting the hydrocarbon confusionists a place of legitimacy on the world's public opinion stage.

With some 10 degrees warning (Freudian slip) the Arctic is the proverbial coal mine for Climate Change, and I'm here to report figuratively dead canaries littering the landscape up there by the thousands.

I urge everyone to read two very readable papers on climate change. The first tells about how the scientists themselves struggled when faced with the inescapable conclusions from the ice core data, went from a place of total disbelief to a reluctant acceptance that indeed small changes in model inputs conclusively resulted in dramatic changes (ice ages are triggered by North Atlantic Thermoline shifts).

The second paper is a good climate change summary.

Available at:


There is no further debate. The climate change data set is unquestionably conclusive as the tiny air bubbles locked in the ice cores served as time locked trace gas atmospheric samples for our spectroscopy analysis. This data permitted us to reconstruct a complete climate history showing in great detail what we had for an atmosphere on this planet. Further, oxygen isotope analysis from the ice cores completed an incredibly detailed picture to provide even minute seasonal temperatures changes going back some 420,000 years.

What is there left to debate? This nonsense is the same charade as our good doctor in a white lab coat claiming that tobacco is good for you. That went on for years before the public caught on that was only the special interests making unseemly profits at the expense of an unsuspecting public.

With similar motives today the special interests in the energy sector have effectively muted the climate change urgency now to where the transition is going to be inescapably difficult.

Global warming has been hidden in ocean warming and the public will
eventually come to appreciate that while all this was all going on early inventors like Viktor Schauberger, Nicola Tesla, Barry Davis and others had invented scalable energy solutions that could have prevented or mitigated our ecology degradation. The sad truth is this mess did not have to occur and that the Florida Gulf Current is likely to shut down in the not too distant future and along with it the loss of the food carrying capacity for Europe's 450 million people.

The domino effects do not stop there, yes it gets much worse and none of us will be able to escape the climate change consequences.

The planet has long enjoyed the beneficial cooling mirror effect from the vast expanse of the polar ice cap with its high refractive index. The Russians and the US Trident Submarine program played cold war cat and mouse war games under the ice cap and continuously pinged the ice cap thickness to assess surface launch conditions. This date set is a complete data set as well and in forty short years we have seen a 50 % thinning of the polar ice cap which serves as the planet's fragile cooling mirror.

Rudimentary thermal dynamic tells us that the first mass loss is the slowest mass loss and that the next remaining 50% thickness will be gone in less than 15 years. Scary enough for you yet. It gets worse, much worse.

Underneath the polar ice cap lie trillions of tons of frozen tundra (METHANE is 20 times the greenhouse gas effect that carbon is!!!). Inert while frozen but when this stuff starts to melt and gasify, it will further exacerbate our Thermagedon.

Hollywood is to be commended for doing a great public service and dramatizing the urgent climate change issue. This movie alone will do what the urgent warnings from 50,000 of the world's senior scientists was not able to do when they said that we have unwittingly set our selves on a perilous course.

"No more than one or a few decades remain before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost and the prospects for humanity immeasurably diminished." See http://www.ucsusa.org/ucs/about/page.cfm?pageID=1009

Yes the Day After Tomorrow movie is indeed a Hollywood fictional account of a runaway climate change scenario, nonetheless it still serves as a badly needed wake call for us all. See: http://www.thedayaftertomorrowmovie.com/index.php

We enjoy a very special experience together here on planet Earth and wisdom necessitates that we error on the side of sanity for with our present course, we surely play recklessly with the very life support system of our planet.

The good news is that thanks to Hollywood an informed public will now insist on implementing some of these stranded technology breakthrough solutions and that means we can readily move into our low cost clean energy future beyond the vested interest gridlock.

Thank you Hollywood.

Martin J. Burger CEO
Ph: (403) 270 3040

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