Cellular Phones and Tinnitus

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Tinnitus was studies inter alia by Hardell et al (2003) in Sweden. Here I am quoting some of their findings:

"Cases with tinnitus after using analogue cellular telephones are presented. An increased odds ratio of 3.45, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.77-6.76, was found for vestibular schwannoma (VS) associated with the use of analogue cell phones.Cases with tinnitus after using analogue cellular telephones are presented. An increased odds ratio of 3.45, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.77-6.76, was found for vestibular schwannoma (VS) associated with the use of analogue cell phones."

Again about TINNITUS, on a second thought, it worth to present the whole abstract of Hardell et al (2003):

Cases with tinnitus after using analogue cellular telephones are presented. An increased odds ratio of 3.45, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.77-6.76, was found for vestibular schwannoma (VS) associated with the use of analogue cell phones. During the time period 1960-1998, the age-standardized incidence of VS in Sweden significantly increased yearly by +2.53% (CI 1.71-3.35). A significant increase in the incidence of VS was only found for the latter of the two time periods 1960-1979 and 1980-1998. For all other brain tumors taken together, the incidence significantly increased yearly by +0.80% (CI 0.59-1.02) for the time period 1960-1998, although the increase was only significant for benign tumors other than VS during 1960-1979.

I tested my GENERAL ELECTRIC DECT: It emitted up to 400 uW/cm2. Watch it !!

Dr. Zamir Shalita


Dear Chris,


Looks like tinnitus is be connected to acoustic neuroma according to John Hopkins University, USA website. For new campaigners, the acoustic neuroma tumour is the one that is linked to mobile phone use (Karolinska report: Acoustic Neuroma – a benign tumour of the “vestibular” nerve. In more than 70% of patients having acourstic neuroma, hearing loss is the first symptom. Other symptoms include: difficulty understanding words; Tinnitus (ringing); dizziness and vertigo and, less commons headache. Patients with large acoustic neuromas may have additional symptoms such as double vision (due to pressone on the nerves), hoarseness or difficulty swallowing, facial pain or numbnes or ataxia (difficulty warlking due to imbalance). (John Hopkins University, USA, website)-

Also there is something in the literature on hearing. The Australian CSCIRO report of 1994 (yes that old!) has a section on hearing pulses and it actually explains why it happens. It has a huge amount of info and it is disgraceful that it has been suppressed and ignored for such a long time.

Best Yasmin

CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Australia, 1994

Dr Stan Barnett, Status of Research on Biological Effects and Safety of Electromagnetic Radiation Telecommunication Frequencies


After the delivery of this report by Dr Barnett to the Spectrum Management Authority in 1994, which in turn delivered it to Michael Lee, the then Minister for Communications in the Australian Government, it appears to have been effectively suppressed, as its findings were not liked by either the Australian Government or the telecommunications industry. It was recently located in 2003 by the Australian journalist Stewart Fist.


There are distinctions between orthodox tinnitus, which is usually accounted for by degeneration, often associated with age, or injury or organic disease, inc. vascular hardening / h.b.p. This would make the tinnitus accompanying acoustic neuroma, a conventional form. It is not location dependent - all that most sufferers require to experience it is a relatively quiet environment.

Tinnitus is a very distracting, generating anxiety and occasionally also conflict, when the acute sufferer tries to rationalise it. I have seen several sufferers finding themselves at odds with others who do not share the assumed 'audible' experience. Non-rational interpretation of the source of the 'sounds' sometimes leads to erroneous attribution to the activities of others, or 'persecution' belief.

Sufferers from microwave hearing, if assisted, can arrive at the true cause of their condition and can satisfy themselves by elimination, that it is radio based and the source escaped or countered, but most importantly understood.

Dr Grahame Blackwell has pointed out the postulated piezo-electric stimulation of the inner ear by radio microwave, due to the presence of minute magnetite-like crystals - they distort and/or move in response to electrical fields. (see ‘otoconia’ or ‘otoliths’ in any good Anatomy and Physiology text)



Yasmin and friends

It's fascinating, relevant, and I'm still left wondering.

The tinnitus issue is an interesting one, but I wonder if it really should be called tinnitus at all. Certainly sounds are simulated in the head, but tinnitus is a condition with a cause that is not the same as Frey effect. Frey also investigated nerve-deaf people. Also, in the case of acoustic neuroma there is a cause that is quite separate from Frey. The CSIRO study is one that suggests 'acoustic perception' is due to thermoelastic expansion in cells, ie that there is sufficient heating effect in the radiation to cause physical vibrations. Frey effect was first observed in proximity to radar at much higher levels than from mobile masts. Frey's work from the 60s is here: http://www.raven1.net/frey.htm. In fact Frey later said:

"There is a microwave hearing effect that occurs at very low power densities and a skull vibration effect that occurs when very high energies are applied to the head. There is some confusion in the literature because the vibration effect has often been referred to as a microwave hearing effect, but it is not the same phenomena."

Is microwave hearing/Frey effect as we have it experienced from masts, caused by thermoelastic expansion of cells? In the Journal Acoustical Society of America, June 1982, Chung-Kwang Chou, Arthur W. Guy, and Robert Galambos present a detailed "proof" that the "microwave hearing" phenomenon is thermal in nature. The calculated temperature rise due to the pulsed EMR studied is surprisingly small: 1/100,000th to 1/1,000,000th of a degree centigrade, but sufficient to create pressure waves.

What is in common is the issue of resonance in the skull, and resonance provides amplification of the pressure waves. Most recently, Elder and Chou, 2002 (for Motorola): http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/scc28/sc4/Human%20Perception%20FINAL.pdf suggest that it is the peak power density of each pulse that matters most. They conclude that EMR makes your head ring!:

"The results of the above studies of evoked electrical potentials in the auditory system, including the demonstration of pulsed-RF-evoked cochlear microphonics, strongly indicate that the detection of RF-induced auditory sensations is similar to that of acoustic sound detection, the site of conversion from RF to acoustic energy is peripheral to the cochlea, the fundamental frequency of RF sound is independent of the radiofrequency but dependent upon the dimensions of the head, and the pulsed RF energy interacts with the high-frequency portion of the auditory system. To hear RF sounds, one must be exposed to pulses of RF energy in the MHz range and be capable of hearing acoustic waves in the kHz range."

Where I might disagree is with " Human perception of pulses of RF radiation is a well-established phenomenon that is not an adverse effect." Quite subjective, that... Even tinnitus can be extremely distressing.

So it isn't exactly a classic "thermal" effect of microwaves in ICNIRP terms, and it appears therefore not to be RF rectification, despite the amount of piezo-electric and semiconducting material in our bodies. However, it is interesting to note that hearing aid devices linked not to the ear, but quite remotely to the skin, eg arm, have been quite effective! (I wish I'd kept this reference!! I think it might have been Oschman)

Yes, it is the body's exquisite sensitivity to currents and frequencies that causes some people to 'hear' pulsed radiation. I have reports of people hearing the same sound in their heads from TETRA, for example, as I get on my Acousticom. The Acousticom is a really basic device: little more than a crystal set in the way it rectifies the RF signal. There is a lot of semiconducting (therefore rectifying) tissue in the body, and our own body currents are far lower than those from masts! In fact Gerard Hyland describes the threshold of influence on the body by EMF (ie at which the body can detect it) as 1,000 million times lower than a base station.

And here is where I continue to wonder about the mechanism, and it's back to Yasmin's reference to dowsing. I haven't heard the spinal mechanism before, but (a) I dowse (b) I can dowse what I call "TETRA lines", ie I find lines of energy going directly between TETRA masts and (c) I sometimes feel TETRA on these lines, and as I've said elsewhere, I have now 40 cases of these lines affecting people. Among these cases I have microwave hearing. And I would say that the thermoelastic theory falls down completely at the distance involved.

Seen Williams 2001, on non-thermal effects? Try it: http://arxiv.org/ftp/physics/papers/0102/0102007.pdf



also known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome


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