Britain Proposes New Anti-Terror Powers

House Arrest Among Measures Pushed

"Control orders" would apply to British citizens as well as foreigners living in Britain

British officials proposed far-reaching new powers on Wednesday to control and monitor suspected terrorists without charge or trial, including house arrests, electronic tagging and curfews. The measures were designed to address legal challenges to a post-Sept. 11 law under which the government has kept 11 foreign nationals imprisoned without charges for as long as three years for allegedly posing a threat to national security. Under the new proposal, the power to impose what officials called "control orders" would apply to British citizens as well as foreigners living in Britain. Like the United States, Britain introduced new measures aimed at suspected terrorists following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Some of those steps have drawn public criticism that they violate British law and values.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke, the cabinet minister in charge of internal security, told the House of Commons that the 11 detainees, all of them Arab Muslims, would either be deported to their home countries or subjected to the new measures once a new bill passed Parliament.


Clarke unveils new anti-terrorism powers

The government has announced sweeping powers to impose house arrest on terrorism suspects regardless of nationality, replacing a policy of jailing foreigners without trial that had been thrown out by judges. The announcement amounts to a major overhaul of security policy after the Law Lords, the country's highest court, ruled last month that earlier emergency powers violated basic rights. But civil liberties campaigners said the new measures could prove even more draconian than the old ones.

"The threat is real and I believe the steps I am announcing today will make us better able to meet this threat," Home Secretary Charles Clarke told parliament on Wednesday.


Take careful note: just as in America, both the Left and the Right are losing their liberties. This is not a Left vs Right issue. This is an issue of the People vs The Globalist Elite, the Masonic Illuminati control freaks who have a secret plan to herd us like sheep into their hellish nightmare vision of total Orwellian slavery and world government using terror psyops as the excuse. Isn't it about time people started to wake up to this simple fact?

'BNP and animal rights activists face house arrest'

"There are serious human rights concerns about the new measures and their extension to every British national." - Doug Jewell, Liberty spokesman

• New security measures may see detention without trial - albeit at home

• Announcement brings mass criticism of 'major threat to British civil liberties'

• Move is latest response to threat of terror in UK CONTROVERSIAL new laws to tackle international terrorism could be used to put

British National Party members and animal rights activists under house arrest without criminal trial, a government adviser said yesterday. Speaking after the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, announced new laws to control the movements of terrorist suspects, Mr Clarke’s adviser, Stephen McCabe, told The Scotsman he saw this extending to other groups suspected of using violence to further their ends. The Labour MP said: "We can envisage this applying to animal rights extremists and the far-Right, for example. "These people are locked up because we believe they are a genuine danger based on what we think is pretty reliable evidence, even if it cannot be divulged in a court of law."

Mr Clarke announced new anti-terror measures which can be invoked on the basis of secret intelligence without a full open trial yesterday and made it clear that British suspects would be included.


Britain: Broad proposal would expand power to detain suspects

The new "control orders" would apply to foreigners and to British nationals

The British government announced a plan Wednesday to overhaul its anti-terrorism laws, proposing broad new powers to monitor and control terrorism suspects without having to detain them indefinitely without charges, a policy that was declared illegal last month by Britain's highest court. The measures, which must be submitted to Parliament, would give Home Secretary Charles Clarke the authority to give suspects curfews, tag them with electronic bracelets, limit their access to telephones and the Internet, restrict their communications with "named individuals" and, as a last resort, place them under house arrest.

The new "control orders" would apply to foreigners and to British nationals, addressing the court's judgment that special treatment for foreign detainees was discriminatory and violated the European Convention on Human Rights. The orders, the government said, could be applied if there are "reasonable grounds" for suspecting terrorist activity. Prosecuting a suspect on charges would require a higher threshold.


British govt proposes new powers to tag and impose curfews on terrorist suspects

Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government proposed sweeping new powers to tackle terrorism, including electronic tagging, curfews and house arrest for terrorist suspects without trial. The measures proposed on Wednesday provoked swift dissent from civil libertarians and opposition politicians, though it was welcomed by some as an end to the government’s controversial use of imprisonment without trial. Home Secretary Charles Clarke said the new “control orders” would apply to both foreigners and British nationals, and promised to introduce legislation as soon as possible. Eleven foreign terrorist suspects who have been held for three years without charge would not be released until the new powers were in place, he added.

“There remains a public emergency threatening the life of the nation,” Clarke told the House of Commons. “The threat is real and I believe that the steps I am announcing today will enable us more effectively to meet that threat.”


Human Rights Groups Condemn Anti-Terror 'Control Orders'

The Home Secretary’s tough plans to place restrictions on British citizens suspected of terrorism were widely condemned by lawyers and human rights groups today. Detention of terror suspects without trial will be replaced with a system of “control orders”, said Charles Clarke, who admitted the proposals were "contentious”.

Controversially, the orders will be imposed by the Home Secretary, and not by a court of law. The Law Society immediately claimed this was “an abuse of power”. The so-called control orders will include curfews, tagging and even a requirement for suspects “to remain at their premises”. They will apply equally to foreign suspects and British citizens suspected of “international or domestic” terrorism, Mr Clarke told the House of Commons.

However, the nine foreign terror suspects currently detained at Belmarsh and Woodhill prisons will not be freed.


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