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Dear Friends of Wild Horses,

We have just gotten word that a bill is being introduced into Congress (it is in the House Resources Committee now) for reinstating the protections previously afforded to America's wild horses and burros. This BILL will stop the proposed slaughter of more than 8,000 wild horses!


· Write and e-mail and phone your Representative and Senators and ask that they SUPPORT HR 297 presented by the Honorable Rep Nick J. Rahall (D-WV). Please ask them to bring the bill to the floor of the Congress.

· Let Representative Rahall know how thrilled you are that he has taken action to save America's icon, the wild horses and burros.

· Let them know that wild horses and burros are the great symbol of our country and represent the freedom we so cherish. Let them know you want them protected from slaughter FOREVER.

· We need letters and e-mails to go out immediately.

· We are asking that you pass this on to as many people as possible to write.


Sample letter:

Dear Honorable (Senator/ Representative):

We are asking for your help today to restore to the rightful place the position that wild horses hold as the great American symbol of freedom that our country so cherishes. Would you please support Representative Rahall's bill HR 297 that is to be introduced into the 109th Congress from the House Resources Committee.

This bill will stop the slaughter of over 8,000 wild horses in our country and restore the protections afforded to wild horses and burros that they have deserved over the past 34 years. By voting for this bill it also will restore the public's confidence in our Congress by assuring that it operates under the principals of "for the people and by the people"

As you know, the support for wild horses crosses all political, cultural, and social lines. This is why we are asking that you support this bill. When the rider #142 was surreptitiously added to the appropriations bill last November, it was done without the will and support of the American people.

We trust that you will rectify this terrible injustice done to our "last living symbol of the West," our wild horses and burros.


January 25, 2005


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Wild horses roaming across our public lands, a symbol of the American West, would no longer be doomed to certain slaughter under legislation introduced today by U.S. Rep. Nick J. Rahall (D-WV). Rahall is the Ranking Democrat on the House Resources Committee, which has jurisdiction over wild horse policy on federal lands.

"Very few icons of the West remain, and wild horses are certainly a symbol of the frontier era and our nation’s spirit. To allow them to be slaughtered without exhausting all other options, such as adoption, is an affront to our history," declared Rahall.

Rahall’s legislation addresses a provision inserted in a must-pass appropriations bill last year that allows the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service to essentially turn a blind eye to individuals or corporations who buy these animals with the clear intention of cruelly slaughtering them for profit. The Rahall legislation would restore the prohibition on the commercial sale and slaughter of wild free-roaming horses and burros.

"It has been illegal for the past 33 years to sell or transfer wild horses and burros for processing into commercial products because many Americans abhor the thought. They would be aghast to know that these animals now can and will be slaughtered so their meat can be offered on menus in France, Belgium and Japan," stated Rahall.

The current slaughter policy does not acknowledge the fact that humane alternatives exist and federal agencies have the authority to carry out such actions as adoption, sterilization, relocation, and placement with qualified individuals and organizations.

"To suggest that an acceptable solution to a federal agency’s management dilemma is commercial slaughter is an irresponsible approach to our public lands and the wildlife that roam them," said Rahall.

The federal government has a mediocre record in enforcing wild horse and burro protection laws. But instead of addressing these long-term and widespread management problems, the recent change is simply a quick and dirty fix. Under the guise of "managing" these living symbols of the American West, the agency is now permitted to allow the slaughter of animals that they had been previously charged with their protection."A public outcry has again begun across the United States over the change in law that now allows this disgraceful deed. We need to act before it is too late for thousands of these animals," concluded Rahall.

Karen A. Sussman
President, ISPMB
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Saving America's Wild Horses & Burros since 1960



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