Mother Earth is sending us warnings

I, too, have butted heads with my brother - who has two young sons - who told me that he had too much to do and would leave this action to people 'who have nothing better to do'. For me, this is just a cop-out - for people who live in a 'me' world.

Now I am involved in my community - a rural and agricultural place of beauty - where someone is trying to put a landfill. If we just did nothing - thinking it's up to those 'who have nothing better to do' - the landfill would be a done deal. So we are fighting hard, having gone so far as to create a not-for-profit group with the State.

So no fight is too small. It just takes a desire to preserve our way of life. And gatherings of people at government agencies work, too. I know, because I have been involved with that kind of participation as well ...

Yes, Mother Earth is sending us warnings. I have heard that the weather this coming summer may be even worse than last summer. I also just heard of a new animal, called a nimbria (sic), poised to enter South Carolina from North Carolina and Georgia. It is a 20 pound rodent with a nose similar to a beaver. It is a marsh animal and is wreaking havoc on the beaver population. It has about 6 babies twice a year. It is not an animal indigenous to anywhere I know of. Why is it here? To me, this is another sign from Mother Earth.

Please urge everyone you know to take action ...


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