Military Pilots May Already Be Implanted With RFID's

Not many people took notice to this little detail which was shown day after day on FOX News. With all of the talk about national I.D. cards, uniform drivers licenses in every state, RFID's (implantable chip), and GPS tracking, it's curious that so few noticed the details of this footage. Here's the story. Recently during the beginning of this month (Jan. 05)there were several incidents of Lasers beamed into the cockpits of several passenger airliners. Well, as it would happen, FOX News ran some "file footage" with that story that really had nothing to do with the incidents. However, the file footage showed a male, who was in a flight suit including a helmet with goggles. The clip was obviously done in a (training module) of some kind. But, the most interesting part was when the "pilot" reached up to turn some switches on a computer, and then placed the underside of his clenched fist on the computer screen for a few seconds, then proceeded to turn more switches/buttons on the computer. For what reason would a pilot need to place his wrist on a computer screen? Only to gain access to the system he/she would be working on! In other words, the computer was able to read information on an implanted RFID in the pilots wrist, therefore allowing the pilot access to the system!

Was this pilot chipped? And, was this clip just a subtle way of letting the public know that the U.S. Government is already using RFID's as a means of tracking pilots when they are downed in enemy territory?

I believe that the pilot was chipped, and I believe that the U.S. Government is in the planning stages for chipping the entire population of the U.S. Why not; they are already planning to have each child under the age of 18 given a psychological evaluation and profiling.


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