Ominous Warnings Being Given to the Americas

At present, the immediate danger lies on the WEST coast of the U S from Brit Columbia to baja, Cal. Visit Stan Deyo's site for current update and go to whats new.

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Thanks for this, Sparticus!


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Subject: Fw: New Warnings Being Given to the Americas

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Subject: Fw: New, And Ominous Warnings Being Given to the Americas

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OK Folks:

We have a new member of our research team, from Russia, by the name of Sorcha Faal, who has just issued this warning about possible "earth changes" that will occur along our east coastline. We will all be watching to see what transpires. Thanks Sorcha. If there are lives that will be saved from your warning, please know that we will be eternally grateful.



From: "Sorcha Faal"

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Subject: New, And Ominous Warnings Being Given to the Americas

New, And Ominous Warnings Being Given to the Americas

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

As the world continues to reel today from a seeming to be never ending series of global chaotic events, more ominous signs of imminent cataclysmic events are continuing to occur.

Reports have been received today that another warning sign from the whales has now been delivered to the doorsteps of the Americas with the beaching of a large pod of "at least 17" whales in the North Carolina Region of the United States. Another media report says about this event, "More than 30 pilot whales beached themselves on the coast early Saturday, and at least 15 of them died, officials said."

Prior warnings to the Great Tsunami of 2004 were given by the whales to the peoples of the Indian Ocean region, and where in this news report we can read, "In late November a pod of 53 pilot whales beached themselves at Maria Island less than a day after 97 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins died on King Island."

Western people continue to be in much amazement with animal warnings, and especially with the news reports from the Indian Ocean region where, it is acknowledged, "Wildlife officials have found no evidence of large-scale animal mortality, instead there was evidence of life - wild and free. Along the Cuddalore coast, where thousands perished, cattle, dogs and other domestic animals survived.", as detailed in this one report titled, "Animal Instincts Can Save" from India.

Omega see under http://sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=13645377

Animal instincts are so linked to each other, and human beings, and to such a strong extent, that among the hundreds of reports received from the devastated regions we can see that even the elephants worked to save themselves, and also human beings, from mass death. "Agitated elephants felt the tsunami coming, and their sensitivity saved about a dozen foreign tourists from the fate of thousands killed by the giant waves." It was reported by media sources from New Zealand.

Informant: JHW369


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