Daily we read that how the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate, and the on-going suffering of the Iraqi people under the military occupation of Britain and America military. While the daily media continues to report on the mess in Iraq, there is little discussion on the outcome of this fiasco, and the global impact it will have on the shape of the world, once Britain and America are defeated in Iraq. This article sets out to forecast what the consequences that will follow this coming defeat.

The Bush administration clings to the furlong hope that the upcoming elections in Iraq will allow for the chaotic situation in Iraq to improve. But will it? It is clear that an Iran- backed Shiite political alliance will win the elections, if they are held, and the new government formed will have close strategic ties with the anti-American Iran regime. Meanwhile the Sunnis, supported by anti-American Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Syria, in partnership with al-Qaeda, will continue their attacks against the occupiers and those Iraqis that offer any support.

This is a no-win situation for the occupying armies. As long as they remain in Iraq, both the Shiites and Sunnis have a common enemy, while remaining distrustful of each other. If the new Iran-backed Iraqi-Shiite government allies with the Sunnis, it will indeed place the occupying armies in grave peril. The situation will only become worse than the mess it is today.

Many Middle East experts now acknowledge that victory is no longer achievable in Iraq. Some are advocating that the US should get out of Iraq and withdraw their troops. This is not a viable option. It would end in a global disaster to the Anglo-American alliance, and would result by default in a victory for al-Qaeda and the Muslim fundamentalists. It would result in an anti-American government taking control of Iraq, their oil, and threatening the pro-American Middle East governments of the Gulf States, Jordon and Saudi Arabia. It would result in the emergence of a powerful anti-American Muslim fundamentalist alliance, controlling the Middle East and its oil.

If the British/US alliance is to hold Iraq, they will be required to have a massive build up in troop numbers, costing billions of dollars more than what has been allocated to the war so far. Neither the UK nor American economies are in a position to finance such a military build-up. Yet without a vastly increased military presence in Iraq, they will be defeated.

The defeat of Britain and America in Iraq will not only mean loosing control of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East oil - it will also result in the end of the Anglo-Saxon dominance of the world, as it as been for the last 200 years. It would be followed by the collapse of their debt-ridden economies, the withdrawal of their military bases circulating the globe, and the total social collapse of their domestic economies. It would result in the loss of confidence in the US dollar as the world's reserve currency, and a run on the dollar, leading to its total collapse. It will result in dramatic changes to the international strategic alliances that exist around the world.

Europe, with its dependency of Middle East oil under control of Muslim fundamentalists, will become threatened following an Anglo-American defeat. No longer will Europe be able to shelter under US military protection, and their own economies in turmoil as a result of the collapse of the American market, the Europeans will be forced to accept the authority of a central leader (as per new EU Constitution) to create an unified government to deal with the imploding crisis. The Euro by default will replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency, propelling the new United States of Europe as the new international Super-State.

The collapse of the United States will also have a dramatic impact on the Asian economies, with their dependence of the North American markets, and the collapse in value of their large US dollar holdings. Asia will look to Europe as a strategic trading partner for help in rebuilding their shattered economies following the American collapse.

In conclusion, America and Britain are now in a no-win situation, with the only final outcome their defeat. Why have events turned out so badly in Iraq for what they originally thought would be an easy victory. The answer is not a military one, but a spiritual one - God is allowing the people of Britain, and America to be cursed, along with the people of New Zealand, Canada and Australia for rejecting His Law. Unless there is a change in the way we live our lives, the punishment inflicted upon our people following defeat will be far worse than ever was inflicted upon the Iraqi people.

Bruce Porteous

16 January, 2005


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