All Microwave Transmission is unsafe and can harm Humans and Animals

In response to Councillor Roy Pennington’s letter in today’s edition of ‘The Argus’ I would like to add my tuppence worth to the debate as a local committee member for Mast Sanity.

I was concerned, but not surprised, to learn that 02 have applied for planning permission for a 3G, 17m mast at West Park, Aldwick, and that more applications for 3G masts are being sought across West Sussex.

I am aware that there is an existing Hutchison 3G mast on the same site at West Park, Aldwick, and that some people have become unwell around this mast and are fearful of having a second 3G mast installed.

Two 3G’s on one site would really makes a detrimental difference, and one is too many!

Also, 02 is almost related to MM02 Airwave and BT. It is fairly common for additional antennae of any type to be added with or without permission.

Most mast companies tend to “mast share,” and a single antenna has been deviously invented with both GSM and 3G within the one unit. Add to that, the hidden and disguised phone mast paraphernalia, and some communities might be better off living in a microwave oven!

Just to look at cities like London on the Ofcom Sitefinder website, which is not even that accurate, will show you what I mean. A Soho school has 27 masts around it!

I have come a long way since the days of worrying about a TETRA mast being put up in Avisford Park, because since joining Mast Sanity as a volunteer I have learnt that all microwave transmission is unsafe and can harm humans and animals.

The only difference between microwave ovens, DECT phones etc, phone masts, 3G masts, and TETRA, is the time it takes to harm you.

Those who doubt what I say really ought to research this, as I have, just to be sure.

There has been some good research carried out abroad which demolishes the government’s and phone companies’ responses stating that this technology is safe.

The planning aspect of phone masts is now almost in a state of chaos. A mast could be put up almost anywhere, near schools, hospitals, homes for the elderly, on pavements in busy cities or quiet villages, on church spires…… you name it and a mast will probably be placed there.

This, in itself is worrying enough, but to learn that government directives dictate that councils should ignore all health issues within the planning process is tantamount to denying everyone basic human rights.

I work voluntarily for Mast Sanity to try to advise and support those who are suffering around masts and, hopefully, to share in making a difference for our future and our children’s future.

I am not trying to alarm or scare anyone. I just think that the whole situation is getting out of hand and that this needs to be said, because people don’t seem to have a say or choice anymore.

Some people think they have to just accept things, or that they cannot change things, but they are wrong. People power can change things.

Not with violence, disorder, or breaking the law, but by making a stand and saying “No” with one voice.

That is called democracy: the right to have your say and to enjoy basic human rights in your environment.

Those who read this WILL HAVE A CHOICE and what they do about it is up to them. They can either ignore it, or they can speak up and say they don’t want what is happening, BUT THEY HAVE TO SAY IT WHERE IT MOST COUNTS.

Sandi Lawrence, 3 Oakwood Court, Willowhale Avenue, Aldwick, PO21 4BG

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