Motorola partners with sunglasses maker for wireless devices

New from Gadget Land: wireless sunglasses powered by solar hat batteries

Here's some more great advances coming our way. Imagine a solar powered hat plugged into cell phone sun glasses. Especially useful for staying in touch while sunbaking at the beach or snowboarding. Perhaps Motorola should also talk with Bell Helicopters about the possibility of putting a propeller in the top of the hat as well - a la Inspector Gadget.

Wouldn't it be nice if all the R&D funds going into developing this crap was re-directed into basic cell phone health research. But then Motorola was never big on doing honest research anyway. See:

Don Maisch

Motorola partners with sunglasses maker for wireless devices

Jan 14, 2005

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill.-Mobile-phone maker Motorola Inc. signed an agreement with sunglasses company Oakley Inc. to build "wearable wireless communications devices" using Bluetooth technology. The companies said they would release details and designs on the devices sometime in the middle of the year.

"By teaming with Motorola, we're dramatically expanding the possibilities for our new electronics category," said Cos Lykos, Oakley's vice president of business development. "Oakley's engineering team now has an expanded technology arsenal to develop new and innovative electronic products."

Motorola has previously signed agreements with the likes of snowboarding company Burton and iPod designer Apple Corp.


Toronto researchers invent solar-powered material for cell phones

Jan 14, 2005

TORONTO-Researchers at the University of Toronto have invented a flexible infrared-sensitive material that converts solar energy into electrical energy.

Ted Sargent, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and one of the team leaders involved in the project, told Reuters the material could have applications in the wireless industry. The material, he said, potentially could be woven into clothing and become a "wearable solar cell" that could charge items like cell phones.


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