Protest Signs ALLOWED On Inaugural Parade Route

Please forward: There is misinformation about the inaug. parade route--you CAN take protest signs anywhere along inaugural route (see quotes from official statements from D.C. officials on this. below) but the group "Turn Your Back on Bush"and others have assumed that you can't because of the policy of shunting protesters to far away protest areas when Bush shows up around the country.

However, the inaugural parade route is different because it was decided in a court case years ago that people must be allowed to carry any signs they want--as long as they conform to safety rules--no bigger than 3' by 20' paper, cardboard, cloth, and no backing or sticks http://www.ustreas.gov/usss/press/GPA01-05.pdf.

See http://www.stolenelection2004.com/demos.html for full listing of local and national counter inaugural and post inaugural protests and events.

Not taking protest signs on the parade route --as "Turn Your Back" suggests-- would weaken the protest presence because until Bush rides by--hours after they get there-- there will not be anything distinguishing these people as protesters--they will look like supporters until they turn their backs. And I hope when they finally do their action that they are noticed (since not everyone will be in front). They should know they can turn their backs and have protest signs.

These quotes are from

Kevin Sheridan, a spokesman for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, said the parade will be open to Americans of all political stripes. "The inauguration will celebrate all of the freedoms that make our democracy great, the First Amendment included," he said.
Jim Mackin, a spokesman for the Secret Service, said the agency respects the right of the public to demonstrate and "does not prohibit the presence of signs or props based on their content, only those items made of materials or of a size that could be used potentially in a threatening or harmful manner."

Park Service officials have said allegations that they are restricting access to the parade route are false. The public and demonstrators will be allowed onto open areas of the Pennsylvania Avenue sidewalk, officials said.

Take care,
Cheryl Guttman


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