America's Gulag - Gulag Americans

Is the U.S. government establishing a set of concentration camps to house enemy prisoners of war for the rest of their lives? According to Cathryn J. Prince, "This proposed policy is unpardonable not only because it robs potentially innocent people of the chance to stand before justice; it potentially robs America of its right to call itself a just nation."


Terror detainees and America's gulag
Christian Science Monitor
by Cathryn J. Prince


The Defense Department's proposal could very well be a lost chapter out of George Orwell's timeless novel '1984': potential lifetime sentences for the hundreds of people now in military and CIA custody at a prison yet to be built outside the US, and thus beyond the reach of its constitutional protections on due process. In keeping with the Orwellian overtones for the suggested prison, the Bush administration has even drummed up a name: Camp 6. The name echoes the novel's notorious Room 101, where prisoners suffered punishment in the form of their worst fears. But, alas, this is not fiction. This is the new reality as envisioned in this second term of President Bush...


Gulag Americans

by Marina Malenic

The American Spectator


For more than a decade, researchers have investigated sightings of Americans in Soviet camps. The 90-page report is the fifth in a series of updates. A separate internal Pentagon document concludes that 'there is a high probability' that American citizens and U.S. prisoners of war died in the camps. Russian inaction has made the effort to confirm such information 'a distinctly unilateral U.S. pursuit,' according to a written introduction to the report. And it speaks to a more general attitude of willful ignorance of a system which, between 1929 and the death of Soviet Communism, saw millions upon millions pass through its nightmarish bureaucracy...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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