Impeachment and the inauguration

The Bush/Cheney Presidential Inaugural Committee is spending $50 million to lavish the President and his "donor base" with gala parties in the next few days. The coronation was supposed to proceed on January 20th with Pennsylvania Avenue scrubbed clean of embarrassing signs calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush. It has all been organized like a Hollywood set piece to shower "legitimacy" on a criminal administration.

Thanks to the incredible support of everyone in this movement, however, Bush (and the world media tracking his every inaugural movement on January 20) will be unable to miss the thousands of people at antiwar bleachers and along the parade route.

Because of the help provided by members of the impeachment movement, the beautiful (and large) black and yellow banners and signs reading "Guilty of War Crimes -- ImpeachBush.org" will be all over Pennsylvania Avenue.

To view of photo of the signs, click here:

At the antiwar bleachers and mass rally site on the inaugural parade route (at 4th St. and Pennsylvania Ave.) we will be joined by Ramsey Clark, family members of soldiers in Iraq, Muslim-American family members whose loved ones were swept up in the Bush/Ashcroft mass arrests, and thousands of other Americans who through their presence and their spirit will make sure that the impeachment message resonates loud and clear through the Inaugural charade.

Volunteers are now working round-the-clock in Washington DC. People in more than fifty cities are sacrificing by taking off time from work and school to board buses for the long ride to Washington DC in the middle of winter. Everyone involved should understand how essential their work and their contribution has been to this effort.

We can succeed because of the generous contributions of people who deeply believe that impeachment is a necessary step to protect the constitution and to hold high officials accountable for their criminal acts. Thanks to those who have contributed so far. But we need to raise many thousands of dollars more in the next three days to help cover all the expenses.

Please make a contribution now. For access to the online donation form and the secure server, where you can also get information to write a check, click here:

-- All of us at ImpeachBush/VoteToImpeach.org

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