The Pain Of Knowledge

I have been asked to share my story. The following statement is true and can be proven. I have been seriously ill since the summer of 1999, and I know without any doubt that my cell phone was the cause of this illness.

This nightmare started just as my trucking company was about to expand. I had started my own business three years earlier and my customer base had trippled by the spring of "99" so I was busy trying to add on a couple of trucks while keeping my own truck busy 6 days a week.

I started using a cellphone the fall of 1998 and had that stupid thing glued to my head all day every day till I started to get headaches. I was so caught up in my expanding business I didn't think much of it. I noticed a place to hook up an ear piece to the cellphone, so I hooked one up and continued to be on the cellphone as much as 4,000 min. a month.

I continued to get the headaches, only they got worse. I began to see a neurologist in Sept. of "99" and I thank God I talked extensivly to an electronics expert first. I bumped into a close friend who has been heavily involved in electronics for over thirty years. This man helped develope some of the technology that has gone into the cellphone industry, needless to say he knows his electronics. I asked John what my cellphone had to do with my headaches, and when I told him how much I used it, he grabed my arm and sat me down to a long and very disturbing conversation.

He is responsable for my not giving up my fight. Believe me when I say if it weren't for that conversation I would have checked out a long time ago.

He reflected on the time we had been volonteer firefighters together. He reminded me of the time he had given a safety class on use of the radios in the fire trucks.

There had been a couple of accidents where we were out on fire calls and firemen grabbed the radio anteneas while people were talking on them, causing a serious burn through their hands.

He had demonstrated how powerful the radios were by holding flourecent lights 6" from the antenna and when the radio was keyed up the lights lite up without contacting the antenna. He went on to say in a nut shell that holding a cellphone against my head was like holding a mini microwave oven against my head on low.

John went on to encourage me to stay strong because I was in for a long fight, a fight he had no clue as to how difficult it would be. I was curious as to why my headaches didn't improve when I went to the head set on the cellphone, and John explained that without proper shielding in the wire on the headset it actually acted as an antenna and channeled the radiowaves directly into the brain through the ear canal.

As I have stated I began to see Doctors in September of "98" and although I have gotten some of them to acknowledge my illness to be caused by a cellphone,it has been all off the record.

Most of the Doctors I deal with think I am crazy even when I try to give them the research to back up my claims.

When I finnally got the first neurologist to accept my knowing that a cellphone caused my symptoms, his response was a shrug of the shoulders and a "what do you want me to do".

He like all the others haven't got a clue as to what microwace poisening or illness is or how to treat it if they did know!!!!

I am being treated by the V.A. Medical center at the moment and that is limited.When I first approched the Vetrans Hospital the emergency room nurse doing the info on the intake started to act funny as my list of symptoms grew. The nurse finally gave in and asked me if I served in the Gulf war, I asked why ,and she said my symptoms were identical to gulfwar syndrom. The Doctors have since put my illness in that classification.

The list of symptoms is long and are chronic:

Headaches: there are several types and locations of head pain. The worst of which is the lightning bolt type pain that drops me to my knees when it hits.

Then there is the ache that is pretty much a constant thing in different degrees.The pain is mostly on the left side where I did most of the calls from. I have pain in my ears and behind my left eye. As I said the pain is there all the time ,it goes from a 2 to 10+ but mostly it is around a 3-5 on a scale of 1-10 Daily.

Insomnia: I haven't slept more than a hour strait in five years, I lay my head down and the anxiety kicks in and its up and down all night.

Fatigue: With insomnia comes fatigue.

Anxiety: I have never experienced anxiety till this injury.

Tinnitus: My ears have been ringing very loud for the past five years.

Eye problems: My left eye has had significant loss in vision and I have suffered much pain in and behind the eyeball.

Nerve Damage: the first neurologist showed me where the nerves come out of the base of the scull at the begining of the spinal colum and cover the scull had been injured (he wouldn't accept at first that a cellphone could damage nerve cells) and were in the process of dying, that is what caused much of the initial severe pain I delt with. Along with my scull being numb to the touch, I also have both numbness and pain in my right thigh. How's this you ask! Well let me tell you, when I took the phone from my head I always carried it on my right side on a loop on my jeans, and if it wasn't on that loop it was sitting on the seat beside me in the truck.

Dementia: I think this is the most desturbing symptom of all, I just put my mother to rest last august, she suffered from Alzheimers' for fifteen years or more, I really can't remember when it started for her. I just know it's now happening to me. Short term memory just doesn't exist and long term is taking a beating as well. The memory problems are significant when you drive for a living. I would look off the road and actually forget I was driving thus ending up off the road in a ditch. Giving up driving was so hard, it's all I have done for the last thirty years and believe me it was a job of passion.

Electro-sensitive: I can't be in front of a computer for very long before I start to get sick, I can't go near cellphone towers or I get sick. Every time I go to the city to the VA I get ill because of all the celltowers. I don't watch TV because I get ill.

Depression: How could you not be depressed????

I KNOW I keep going out of shear anger now, it used to be if you were hurt by something people acted quickly to save others from being hurt. It breaks my heart to see this issue go on without people being at least warned of the possable dangers surounding cellphones.

This has all been proven and will certainly be evident as the growing population of cellphone users become ill years from now because those people did their damage at a slower rate than I did.

Robert Vanechaute

I wish to comment on this issue and will continue to keep commenting on this issue till the day I die. I have been suffering from all the symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury for the last ten years from the use of a cellphone from 1998 to 1999. This has left me disabled and unabe to live a normal life and to this date it affects my everyday life to the point it causes hardship between my family and myself, I am considered mentally ill by my fifteen year old daughter and I am constantly fighting with my ex-wife with whom I have been trying to reconcile. We were divorced because of my ex's inability to understand I was actually ill because of a cellphone.Though she now is convinced cellphones are dangerous and she will no longer use one herself. I didn't walk away from a business I started from scracth and was becoming very successful at the time I became ill. My original story is at http://omega.twoday.net/stories/474956 . Please feel free to contact me with any questions I desire to help as many people as I can to avoid the same mistakes I did.

29. August 2009


Robert (Bear) VanEchaute story



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