HUGE brainwashing operation is going on in the United States

Yeah, it's sickening. As I've said, it is a HUGE brainwashing operation going on in the United States performed by the mass medias, and even our education system is infiltrated by these pukes. They make it POPULAR to support mainstream thoughts on any subject, and any disagreement is UNPOPULAR and the name calling ensues. And since elementary school, you are taught to do what is POPULAR and avoid everything that is UNPOPULAR. That is the primary reason for public schooling in the first place, in my opinion. It is set up so that people get used to doing what is considered POPULAR or POLITICALLY CORRECT. People who do not do what is NORMAL are considered freaks, or losers, or whatever.

This STRONGLY encourages people to stay with the mainstream view of things, because if they do not, they are considered wierd, losers, or whatever other names they use to discredit people. What this creates is a bunch of non-thinking ROBOTS. The people in control of the money and the media, do not want free thinkers in society. Free thinkers are their ONLY threat to their power structure. That is why they work so hard against free thinkers, by creating a system where people who think outside the box are labelled and discredited.

Most smart people know how this works, and the brainwashing is ineffective on them. The sad part is that those of us who are smart and can think for ourselves are in the MINORITY. The MAJORITY of people are the brainwashed people who do ANYTHING to stay in the STATUS QUO and do what is POPULAR or NORMAL. The mere fact that there are people out there who want to incarcerate people who do not agree with them is proof that this world is controlled by evil people.

I believe that is the main flaw of humanity itself. The fact that people cannot agree to disagree, leads to wars, conflict, and just about every problem we have in this world. It is totally psychological. People have to think they are right, because they form just about every belief they have about the world around them from what they feel is right. If they realize they are wrong, it means that 90 percent of their beliefs are also wrong. So to protect their silly little view of the world, they will go to just about any means/methods of proving they are right. Instead of just changing their view of the world, they will attack anyone or anything that challenges their view. These people are the main TOOLS of the oppressors. Because they are easiest to control. As long as the oppressors maintain the NORMAL view of the how the world is, they can controll these people with ease. When a shift is needed in world view, they BARRAGE you with "authority sources", and uses the mainstream as their main tool to achieve this. See people want to be popular. And so the ONLY thing they need to do to change peoples minds is to make the view they want people to have POPULAR. This is easy. All they have to do is make it well known. People by nature are pack animals and want to agree with the pack. It is a sick concept, and our own TELEVISIONS and NEWSPAPERS are the very things that control us. People will never realize this though, because they love being entertained. They would rather be entertained than know the truth. Especially because the truth is not "The good guy always wins", "Happily ever after", etc...

I just want you to realize that it is not all Americans that are criminals. George Bush actually lost the 2004 election but he cheated, because the electronic voting machines that count the votes are owned by Republicans who are also NSA, CIA members. They changed the vote totals on election night, and still BARELY won. They had to change so many totals, that they gave themselves away. It was so obvious, to anyone with a brain, this election was sabotaged. In one county in Ohio, there were more votes for Bush than there were even Registered Voters in the county!! This is an obvious fraud, and this information was on an OHIO GOVERNMENT WEBPAGE!! But our country is so controlled by these oppressors, that they are able to cover all these scandals up. It is not very hard either. All you need to do is control the mainstream media. Millions of people know that 911 was a government inside job, or that the election was stolen. But since the mainstream story is that Bush won the election, that is the view held by most of the unthinking people in this country.

Sorry for the long email, my point is, that most Americans in this country actually voted against George Bush and his criminal regime. They just couldn't do anything about it. You don't know how bad most of us want to remove that regime from this country. He is sending us down a road where there is no end but utter destruction. That is in fact the GOAL. America was created from it's inception to be destroyed at a later date. To make America the strongest power in the world, they had to give its citizens unfounded liberties and freedoms. But they never intended us to keep these freedoms forever. They knew after America became the number one power, and they were able to use America to achieve their goals, they would have to destroy it to create their one world government. Think about it. They cannot create a one world government with a world leader, when there is this freedom loving country where the people are nationalistic and would not follow a world leader. Also, they had to give the people here the right to bear arms, for security, because they know a nation with an armed citizenry is the best protection from invasion. The people in control know this. BUT, now that they have control of most of the world, America is one of the only countries in the world that they cannot control with a one world dictator. It's citizens are too well armed to make them slaves. That is why they are using America to commit war crimes and do all these evil shit. They are doing it on purpose. They are going to use America to commit evil until countries band together to destroy America for them. That is what the controllers WANT. They want America destroyed. They aren't going to do it themselves. All they have to do is have America commit crimes against nations, until the nations band together to destroy America. After that happens, it'll be easy for them to create their one world government. Every other country is practically disarmed, and would be easy to police with the United Nations and other militaries. The United States is the only obstacle right now to their goal of making everyone in the world slaves to their system.

After America is destroyed, a one world government will be put into place. It will be policed by a international police, and the people, being mostly disarmed, will not be able to do anything about it.

Once that happens, everyone will be outfitted with those RFID tracking chips, and will have to use the chips to buy and sell and everyone will essentially be SLAVES. You do not have to worry Jacques, you hate America, and so do the controllers. They want America destroyed at this point. We are their only obstacle. They cannot make Americans slaves because we are too well armed as a citizenry. That is why they are turning the world against America, by having America do all this horrible stuff. But the thing is, it is not the citizens of America that want this done. The majority of the citizens are as fed up as you are. But there are a few brainwashed people that make ALL Americans look bad, and they are just helping with the destruction of America. They do not even realize what they are doing. They do not realize that the people in charge want America destroyed. They believe the lies, and are helping the controllers destroy my country, for the eventual goal of one world government.

It is sad for me to even think about all this, because I love my country. But the eventual goal is a one world government. And they need America destroyed to accomplish this. And until America is destroyed, they are going to use America to achieve their goals. And they can be as ruthless as they want, because it creates hate toward America, which is what they want also. So it is a win-win situation for our controllers. They get to use America to achieve their goals, until America is destroyed and they get their one world government. In the end, they win. But that is how it has been for the past 300 years. Without being able to see the big picture, no one will be able to stop this takeover. The oppressors put out so many lies and misinformation, that it is impossible to know the complete truth, because there is so much conflicting information out there, and that is their goal. Without being able to see the whole picture, we will never be able to stop them.

As for you Jacques, you can rest in peace knowing America WILL in the end be destroyed. Because that is what the controllers want. So do not fret, you hate America, and that is what the controllers want. That is why they use America to achieve their goals. Win-Win...for THEM.

God save us all.



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