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I am almost as peeved with most MPs and MEPs as I am with the phone mast operators etc. But occassionally you get a message to show that some of your onslaught has had results.

Here is one I received recently

Dear Sandi,

Attached is a letter from Nigel to Daily Telegraph and all SE local papers. For your info.


Dear Sir,

The statement by Sir William Stewart, the government’s leading adviser on the dangers of radiation from mobile phones and especially the TETRA system should be the cause of some concern, particularly at the Home Office, as this is the second time that he has warned of the dangers. I have written, on numerous occasions, to Caroline Flint MP, the Minister responsible, to ask in the strongest possible terms that the installation and use of the TETRA system by police authorities should be halted until such time as a full independent scientific enquiry is conducted into its safety.

Two young, healthy police officers have already died from cancer through the possible use of TETRA and several others have reported suffering illnesses since using the system. The siting of the masts in populated areas should cease until the effects on police officers and the public are known. To date my requests to the Home Office for a moratorium on installation have been refused on the basis that it is “unlikely” to be a danger to public health.

Like ID cards we are told that TETRA will be an aid in fighting organised crime and so on, yet the Israeli security forces have turned it down on the basis that it is not safe or secure.

Until such time as the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research programme is published, the health of the public at large and in particular that of police officers should be of prime concern to the government. Surely it is better to err on the side of caution than to run the risk of further illnesses and possible deaths from this system? Or is it because this government is so wrapped up in technology, a technology that is costing British taxpayers £2.9 billion, that they are too afraid to admit that they might be wrong?

Yours etc

Nigel Farage MEP
UK Independence Party
European Parliament

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