I think the Sioux Indian in me rises...

It will have to take a BIG VOICE from the PEOPLE to really get some changes

My name is Sandi Lawrence and I am one of the new Mast Sanity committee members. If I communicate with politicians or phone companies (especially 02 Airwave) I make sure they know that I am in this to the finish i.e. healthy results for humans and animals, or scatter my ashes to the wind over the sea, whichever comes first! That is the way it is for me.

I think the Sioux Indian in me rises to any threat to Our Creator's wish, that we take care of this Earth; the animals of the air, land, and sea; and every human, whatever race or tribe.

I wouldn't let my brother kill woodlice when I was young, so sure as hell, I am not going to let those with power and money hurt humans, animals and the environment without a determined and lifelong effort to oust them! Even female part Native Americans can be warriors when the blood is up, you know!

Far from being dead and buried, Mast Sanity now has a new committee to propel it forwards and upwards and carry on the work Lisa and co started before we arrived on the scene. Sorry, but I cannot name the "and co" because we have been too busy trying to take over the reins temporarily for Lisa, and I did not think about what has been, only what must be done now!

I hope you, and all new mast campaigners to come, will benefit from what we are trying to achieve for you all. I also hope that we will have your support in return.

My personal opinion is that I think it will have to take a BIG VOICE from the PEOPLE to really get some changes, unless a miracle happens, so exercise those vocal chords everyone and join hands across the UK, incase a miracle doesn't happen!

(We are just normal, everyday people, you know, so we cannot do it all. We need you, too, and more help with Mast Sanity!)



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